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  1. and you can paint the pig with whatever lipstick you like. but it's still a pig. that's partly the point. he does get it "right" very often. then skips on to the next issue (that's a known disorientation technique) and/or sullies the point with some absurd "i'm a raving lunatic" styled diatribe (which forces disassociation with the information (doesn't matter how accurate the info is)). the best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves ~ Lenin for all that has been exposed not much has been done about it.
  2. it's reasonably considered that AJ is cointelpro. "He's gotten a lot of attention exposing things that needed exposure over the years, no doubt of that, but I've NEVER expected truth for it's own sake from him." indeed he has. which... well that's the way it works. credibility needs to be established. unfortunately tho', things like the above video; coupled with the constant ranting and gnashing of teeth... lol. (the intent behind those obscene foaming at the mouth scenes is fairly obvious. and it looks really forced. he's a shit actor). oh and for the actual record NONE of the stuff he has ever exposed has had a resolution (apparently he has the attention span of a gnat). FED RESERVE still in operation. GMO food still being fed to the hapless. politicians still corrupt as corrupt gets. interventionist foreign policy still a go. basically he's not a stereotypical disinformation agent in that YES there's a bunch of truth contained within. but. on to the next thing and the next thing and the next thing. ad infinitum. as for the truth. i expect that from everyone. because without it we have nothing. literally nothing. I think basically what you said there is the guy has limited integrity. which... no wonder then he hangs off trumpies penis like he's a baby feeding on a breast. birds of a feather. narcissistic sociopathy is the new black, apparently.
  3. tbh. calling me clueless is probably a tad rich. perhaps a little ironic. and really... feel free to rebut what i said about the goldman sachs snake. free yourself of your clearly partisan ideology, and examine what you see here. i think even trump press (infowars) is having trouble spinning all this shit.
  4. ^lol. nothing says swamp monster anti-establishment more than a 17 year goldman sachs veteran; billionaire hedge fund manager, and yale graduate. well at least he doesn;t have any connections to ole george soros o.O y'all been
  5. no. that's absolutely the right thing to do. caving to peer pressure is THE WRONG thing to do.
  6. OK so i'm allowing for the 5.9% reduction ... 41% makes the point far less valid does it? that's a massive number of people--closer to half the voting population than not--who said this is complete BS and we're f**ked either way. and considering it was (almost reasonably) a line ball between the two party majors--with like a percentage point in it--how is that in any way shape or form considered the will of the american people? it's close to like one quarter of the voting population who are claiming "will of the people". get what i'm saying? the biggest percentage of unity goes to those who didn't vote. so... will of the american people?
  7. considering some 46.9% decided not to partake of the dog'n'pony show... the "will of the american people" thing is a bold statement.
  8. i've rarely posted new threads on any forum i've ever been on. mostly because the things that interest me are generally covered... and i don't think i need to be clogging the system. that said. sometimes i do if i think something important is being overlooked. e.g. http://www.conspiracyoutpost.com/topic/17581-jfk-to-911-everything-is-a-rich-mans-trick/ mostly... i'm here to practice my swimming against the current technique ;o) and while we're on the topic of "what gives" ... what gives with Shep? did he retire? what's going on there?
  9. relax. i was merely pointing out very few nations use "no worries" as an expression. oh and yeah. we're nearly all slaves... that's just an undeniable fact. and for some it goes something like this: none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who mistakenly believe they are free.
  10. like Bradley Chelsea Manning, for instance. sorry. couldn't resist.
  11. ^another slave of the commonwealth.
  12. hmm. that's the funny thing about "rights". i think George Carlin summed it up best when he said "temporary privileges". and he went on to ask people to look up the interment of japanese americans circa 1942; just to drive the point home. ...they have the right to peacefully assemble. and the other guys have the right to forcefully remove them. so they basically cancel each other out. and then it becomes he who is willing to do greater violence. and i'm (personally) fairly sure i know who that is. yup. that's essentially all it's there for. it's the extortion/protection arm of the syndicated racketeers. when you distill it to the simplest form that's basically what it is. joe public has the privilege of paying the government to raise an army which is then essentially used to extract more money from him. it's not really in the sales brochure. but that's how it works. all governments are fascist... even those who sell this facade of freedom and democracy. those fasces adorning the walls of the american congress... they're not really there to compliment the decor.
  13. or. alien is an apt modern day description for a creature of extraterrestrial nature.
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