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  1. your lot have subs lurking about too. if yours were hit i'm sure those subs have orders. If the pentagon wants to get pissy about something... regime change--at the behest of these same criminals--in foreign lands should be at the top of the list. along with other stuff like that F-35; most expensive piece of crap ever built. or spreading the military out across the planet like they're stretching cling film. fact is your Praetorians are corrupt idiots. Just like their bosses. that's why you're f***ed. yah. as if anyone would base their doctrine on anything other than the absolute minimum anyway. you'd base it on 60-120 seconds... and then if they can do something inside that... good for them.
  2. i think most of us here would be at least partly aware of the sometimes talked about depopulation agenda... but what we're not exactly sure of is how that is going to be achieved. whatever the method. be in a nuke holocaust, a biological method, or a conventional meat grinder situation (or the most likely; a combination thereof ); kickoff will almost certainly start with an escalation of the pecker waving. the other thing most of us have no idea with is the time frame. but the way things are going... the way the rhetoric is flowing... i would imagine there's a reasonable chance it could be anytime from here on out. so i personally won't be all that surprised if this thing explodes.
  3. i stand corrected. annnnd i guess then you can figure i live in one of the two remaining places where chipping isn't compulsory for the critters. as for it being "all over the news" ... well i guess you have to watch that garbage religiously to have not missed it. like i said i knew they had floated the idea (in my state), but at this point it wasn't given the green light. "Chipping animals should be up to the individual pet owner and not a money grab by government for fees and fines". absolutely. especially considering there is an element of risk involved with chipping animals. of course that's not how governments work. "We have lost dogs and had them returned (which was fortunate)" yeah but you don't need a chip for that. these days you can have a GPS locator in the collar.
  4. 100% lolz. they're fairly nazi down here. nanny state central. stupid as a bag of door knobs. but that compulsory pet micro chipping thing is simply false.for the moment at least. i mean they've floated the idea... but it hasn't happened yet. and when it does you'll know because i'll be all over the news ... "ronin on the loose doing terrible things ... run for your lives, demons!!!11". yeh serious. that IS my line in the sand. "Oz is a practice-ground to implement these things" they do a lot of testing down here. i won't argue that. here and NZ.
  5. if we're truthful with ourselves we'll acknowledge that PDs (globally) are dens of corruption, and they have been since god knows when. and the hiring policy... it would be my contention that ever since they started screening via myer-briggs styled "evaluations" they haven't been screening to keep the corrupt out. i would also contend that the "good" whom manage to get in did so by being less than truthful on those evaluations--doing so (probably) subconsciously. but in so doing... they tend to either not last long, or, they become apart of the team. "Additionally, you do have a growing majority of soldiers who are what I would consider to be foreign nationals despite that they may be living here in the U.S." the actual requirement is "permanent legal resident" ... the most recent data i can find is saying 4%. so i don't know that argument is going to fly. i've seen it said that the israelis are the ones who have been schooling the american police. and i don't know. but even if that is true... people can just say "nope. not doing that... that is wrong, and i refuse". with that not being the case one can only assume that these officers must enjoy it. i believe the actual problem seems to be one of a double standard. generally standards which are applied to everyday citizens are not being applied (in most cases) to the police. they're being shielded from both within the force and above. for obvious reasons. which is infuriating because as the old saying goes; with great power comes great responsibility. here that is applicable; they need to be held to an even higher standard. this problem can only become greater. as people generally don't put up with this kind of thing forever. eventually it comes back to haunt. and just to be clear here. i'm not saying a certain segment of the U.S. population haven't turned this into a absolute race thing... clearly they have. which is wrong, and even more infuriating. but. trying to extinguish a fire with a bucket of gas... anyone think that's a good idea? for me this is not about sympathy. i mean no sympathy from me either. however. when i look at this: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/series/counted-us-police-killings ^that was 807 yesterday. today 814. and things like this: they are not doing themselves any favors. and there is an inevitability with regard to what comes next. and that too will be receiving no sympathy from me. i'ma just smile and say "i told ya" and "you're on your own".
  6. why? i mean maybe it's right and i don't really know the backstop to this little diatribe. but i did pick up that someone didn't stand for a national anthem. and dude, i'm all for that. i mean from what i can gather... from what she is saying... she's probably on the mark. whoever didn't stand seemingly--yeah i'm not going to look into this--did so for what i would consider all the wrong reasons. but. that said. nationalism is a frickin' disease. the owners love that shit. and i hate national anthems. except maybe that eyetalian one which is kinda a catchy little toe tapper. the rest suck ass. yours especially, brah. whenever i hear yours i'm always substituting save with shoot (sometimes silently in my head... other times rather loudly) ok to be fair the australian anthem is prolly equally terrible xD. but yeah screw that nationalist rubbish. i don't care for it. it's like the frickin pied piper of pomp and shitness tugging on the heartstrings of silly monkeys. booooooooooo.
  7. oh gwad. look. i cuss when i'm angry (actually i "cuss" all the time). it's just expression. i'll grant it's not likely to be seen as eloquent... but... try not to take it personally. I'm just saying. the military is not what you said it is. doesn't mean I hate all of ya'z or anything. annnnd this police issue is really starting to grind my gears. I mean I'm sure there is good in the force (i know there is). but. this is bad, and it is seemingly not getting any better. and i mean if the initial ROE in places like Iraq were the ole "do not fire unless fired upon" ... how is that NOT the rule at home? seems absurd. see this guy: this guy I would shoulder-to-shoulder. this guy i would defend unto death. ya get what i'm saying?
  8. firstly. good job on that. that's an F on all three. secondly. that is not the mission objective of your imiltary that is the sales pitch given to gullible monkeys. and clearly it works. nationalist dorks eat that shit up and spew it back verbatim. the ACTUAL objective of the U.S. military is extortion. 100%. otherwise name ONE f***ING TIME your nation has been attacked. and if you say "pearl harbor" i'm going to be forced to ask how the f*** a tiny little island in the niddle of the goddam ocean is even considered "america". and if you say "9/11" ... the gloves are coming off and no apologies will be made. next. what after they've instigated a coup d'etat? aha. yeah i remember seeing you lot in africa feeding the starving. *eye roll*. goddamn you lot ***** (moan) about taking in refugees from countries you've bombed the crap out of. which... i don't blame ya. you bombed me and killed most of my family i'd be coming to get ya too ;o) training to do what? WHAT does that training entail? sowing? needle point? or killing? and i don't care if you feed the ground thumpers, or fuel the bomb droppers. that machine only operates because of those said same. no excuses. hence the reason they've lost pretty much every fight they've ever been in. right? and currently they're busy swatting at the bear--and by extension--the dragon. are these ass-clowns serious? what a bunch of maroons. fact is if you really absorbed the "protect the constitution" part--which should be the primary objective--those war criminals you harbor would be in jail. or better. DEAD. they took you to war several times based on pure fabricated bullshit. Korea. Nam. GW1. and then got 7000+ of you BIA killed in the most recent escapade ... and what have y'all done about that? i'll tell ya. notta f***ing thing. in fact you're still off adventuring. under pretty much the same stewards. i don't think we could ever accuse you of being intelligent, America. oh and for the record. I know several ex grunts, and NONE of them have anything nice to say about your military. "thieves and liars everywhere" they said. but i'm sure the stuff they saw was just the exception to the rule. /snicker. hey you know who usually has good things to say about it? career dorks. Edit: clarification ... female dog is a ____ . changed it to "moan" Moderation by Malevolent EDIT: While we afford everyone the opportunity to express their opinions, we would much appreciate the tone being turned down a tad or two. It is not always easy to ascertain the intent in written communication, thus the request to keep it more civil. Please regard this only as a warning against tone - and that counts for all of us
  9. so what's your position then? what IS the job description for military service? what does the military do and how does it do it?
  10. prolly 'cause they're mostly ex or active duty military. you know... people who LIKE to kill other people. and what better way to do that than hide (cowardly) behind a badge. fact is if you point a stick at me, and i draw and shoot you in the face... i'm in deep shit. and this too is compounding the problem.
  11. funniest bit: “The problem is the Russians don’t care about international law, and we do.” what i find amusing is the american side not mentioning china. china is there too, boys. so go on, take a swing, suckers.
  12. i don't think that is "enough said". much of the hatred is simply born of consequence brought about by police actions. furf***sake, the police are killing roughly 1000 people per year in the states. that's goddamn insane. and what has happened is... the connected world now lets the civilians in on a few things some would rather not be known. and it's not just their killing people. their arrogant as all hell attitude... the beatings.. no-knock raids (often on the wrong f***ing location), sexual assault, and on ... lol. i mean what did you think was going to happen? there will come a time in the not to distant future when a MASSIVE push back arrives. it won't be protests, and it will be justified. tbh i'm surprised it hasn't already kicked off properly.
  13. call zee NRA, yeh? surely someone there will have the "here's what you do" list.
  14. lol. yeah that's funny. so umm. do you think she knows what she just said? something most of us know--the FED reserve is an unconstitutional entity.
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