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  1. The Purpose Of Fake U.S. Intel Shooting's in America. The purpose of fake shootings in America which are purposely faked poorly and then via fake conspiracy theorists promoted are to arm the American people. The Purpose of these fake shootings is to cause Americans to fear they will loose the right arm themselves in the midst of a Gov. which most Americans don't trust or like. This combination in conjunction with fake conspiracy theorist and news cause more Americans than in any other time in history to buy in mass great arsenals of weapons. In America since these fake attacks weapons sells of all the weapons they fear to lose have been up exponentially. These weapons form the purpose of arming Americans for a civil war, and the purpose of all this fakery is to get ready for this agenda to bring about one. They understand this fear would cause Americans to buy the weapons necessary to engage in Civil War it is a perfect way to arm opposition without it seeming as if this is the true purpose. This Civil War which is intended to be brought about will shortly after result in an outside force attacking Americans when they have been exhausted by the conflict and weak with a nuclear attack via Russia. This is why the tension between both the U.S. and Russia have been escalating, but after such attack Russia will in this design be also destroyed to make way for a new global governing system. The simple goal is to get rid of the U.S. and Russia as the current accepted symbols of world leaders to establish the might of a new power greater than both. It is a plan playing out before us all and all the things we see around us in the media seemingly chaotic nonsense are very deliberately driving towards it. The Wild One P.S.
  2. Smoke and Mirrors Ultimately the end desire is to keep the U.S. and Russian forces located closely together. This is to keep a card up the sleeve of globalist to the ends of creating a larger conflict between both countries. The peace deal is really just a large lie to enable the militaries of both countries to remain a little to close together in a region in which they have opposing interest. The end goal is to create a greater problem in the future possibly via this precarious proximity of superpowers. This plays into the theory I've established to destroy both superpowers by causing them to be embroiled in war to allow the establishment of the U.N. as a superior governing body in the destruction of both. They're simply pausing this conflict to focus on escalating the issues in Ukraine, and Georgia. They're operating in a very Jerry Springer sort of theater between the two rivals provoking and inviting conflict to put on a big show to suit ulterior motives. The Wild One P.S.
  3. The Media Lies About Everything If they routinely lie, and are caught lying on so many topics it would seem proving they're lying about polls is easy. If all they do is lie then it makes sense they would be lying about polls to brainwash the masses into thinking they have a say in gov. when they actually have been robbed of that. I mean how many people now say Trump is against the establishment as if he hasn't been rubbing shoulders, and kissing them for the past 40 years. The election is really just a theater, and it's namely to the ends of global engineering. The Wild One P.S. The media has been lying since well before t.v. the only difference is ability to create mass deception in media is greater via technology than in the past.
  4. Intel Is A Fools Errand Consider the truth that the KGB/FSB/CIA or Naval Intel all work in reality for the same people. That would mean this entire event is a show. The US Navy is trying to spy on the military maneuvers of Russia who are preparing to invade Ukraine violating the areas in the black sea in which they are practicing maneuvers to put this show on. It is precisely a show more than a real military response to procure intel. It is designed to make it seem the U.S. cares but sending one crappy spy plane in the black sea in the midst of the much larger military presence of Russia is a joke at best. The US Navy understands Russia will not shoot down the plane, and they did violate the areas Russia has invaded around the black sea. They are simply a show for the sake of manipulating public perception of the escalation of hostility between Russia/U.S. but they're really a joke. Both intel groups are run by the same small group of people and both follow orders before thinking for themselves or acting without approval. Thus it is easy to understand how this seeming chaos is very easily coordinated with a media that lies without a care in the world. When you look at the operations of both they are identical working in a coordinated dance the coordination as it is identical proves that both are controlled by the same people. The Wild One
  5. Prepare For The Imminent Invasion Of Ukraine/Georgia. It is no doubt clear that Russia is planning to completely invade Ukraine. The passive, and weak western military leaders have and will continue to do nothing in the wake of this. This no doubt plays into the escalation of tension between Russia/United States to the planned destruction of both. It is my place to warn those of you who will follow my thread regardless of background. In the past few weeks Russia has constantly been conducting massive military exercises for invading both these nations. It would seem that these invasions will occur within weeks or months. If you have family or friends in the following areas warn them that they should leave! It is highly unlikely with the weak leadership in the United States military, and western nations this attack will be thwarted. In fact I believe that if these invasions do occur these leaders will sit back and do nothing.. As I have stated in America we have at this juncture the weakest military leadership in the history of our nation. While we have many tools we have few leaders those who are good fighters have been for the most part forced out of our military. This is a perfect time for Russia to attack, and I believe they will. While in the intel world these things are well known in the media they are largely not even talked about. They are precipitating this scenario and trying to pretend as if it is not premeditated by powerful liars. You here no different if you read my thread! It is my belief that very shortly Russia will with a massive force invade Ukraine, and Georgia. It also seems in spite of all the warnings the western media will prop up the supposed lie they are unaware of this situation allowing all these people to be killed. We are being led in my own nation, and the world by a shameful bunch of leaders. The Wild One P.S.
  6. The CIA and Hillary Clinton Hillary is a long standing actress for the CIA, and Protocols of Zion agenda. She has had brain damage since the 1960's but it's nice to see her finally come around to see the truth of it herself. She is a evil lady happily getting convicted rapist out of jail for years, burning babies, and being an absolutely evil human being. She is a worthless and embarrassing tale in American history. The Wild One
  7. It seems they are trying to keep via the media a constant stream of stories hinting at nuclear disaster. This I believe is to subtly seed the idea into the minds of the masses. It points to the fact this nuclear disaster is planned and on the horizon. The media is not run by God it is run by men who type away the manipulations of the various governments they serve. This common thread relating to nuclear disaster relating to nuclear war in a variety of forms is designed to make these things seem meant to occur. Yet you know better because as men write the story to the lies so do men plan the disasters on the horizon. Make no mistake a nuclear event will be planned in a false flag form the purpose of these articles is to keep the idea fresh in peoples minds so the day they execute another massive false flag the brain washed masses lap it up like fools. Realize the truth that these events are coordinated by rich liars, who care nothing for the people around them. The Wild One P.S.
  8. The Protocols Of Zion They are genuine this is why document is illegal in so many nations. It also clearly identifies the Intel apparatus of secret societies and who they work for. It also shows how these people who created these intel networks across the globe in secret societies plan ultimately to destroy them, and the rest of the world. It is as real as it gets, and it was released not on purpose but because people within the plan who knew about it wanted others to know. They knew that this was a design of purely evil people and they wanted people to know the truth to have a fighting chance to save themselves. We are the same in that regard. I was in the U.S. military for a number of years trained by elements of Delta Force, Army Rangers, CIA, and Homeland Security I realized the absolute corruption of the gov. then left. Since that time I have prepared as best I could for the bad times ahead realizing I could not defend myself adequately working for governments because they can't protect themselves. I realized to save the things I love I would have to leave my nation behind, and I realized everything I thought was honorable about my own nation was dead. Now I warn you because you must be ready. The people serving in my own American gov. are the worst in our nations history. They have no honor, they have betrayed their own people, and they are the ones who will mess up everything that made this nation great in the past. It has been imperative to separate from them because they're doomed men who don't even understand the powers that run them have number the days they have left to live. The old men in America had common sense, and character these men today are at best thoughtless robots. They will because of their own stupidity and ignorance burn the nation down. The Wild One P.S. If you watch the protocols of Zion you will notice that it will immediately result in you having problems after awhile viewing the documents on the internet to try to stop you from listening to it. This would not happen if it wasn't information that people clearly want hidden. This further proves the validity of the document.
  9. It has been going on since mankind was created. Not as new as you might think and certainly the human aspect of it all is not alone the primary facilitator of global change. The Wild One
  10. I am proof that intelligent life exists. Nanu Nanu
  11. Globalist Power If the world was a prison globalists would be the informants to the prison guards. They would be the guys who for favorable treatment betray the fellow prisoner. They themselves aren't powerful without the assistance of those who empower them. They are rewarded for the capacity they possess to betray the people they should identify with to serve the enemy of everything they love and should care about. A prison as we see it today is a model for the world. The division of people keeps them from realizing the truth that if they band together they could overcome the guards easily. The Wild One P.S.
  12. I do believe this entire episode is a misdirection. If they do attempt the false flag nuclear attack or Russian attack in either case it would be staged. In both cases people who are innocent will be killed by the pre-meditated murder of evil criminal conspiracy against the world as a whole. Yet in military thinking to go with the terrorism false flag would be very foolish it is good bait to misdirect from a much better, and believable option in the Russian WWIII scenario. A false flag terrorist nuke is a poor military maneuver while sure they have the press to lie all day about it. Nobody will believe it, and it will cause very real backlash that will make future scenarios hard to manage. This is more than likely an attempt to misdirect peoples attention from a real nuclear threat in Russia that is my theory. Most people will not see the Russian threat because it is so far from the minds of most people but it is the most sound military maneuver to achieve the ends of those who are working both scenarios. The Wild One P.S. I believe the information on the time it takes radiation to be dissipated is not accurate, and that the information given to the public on that is purposely wrong. This is also a tactical step in hiding the reasoning behind using them.
  13. I believe this is counter-intel to obscure the real nuclear threat and Russian attack that is planned. The Wild One
  14. Military Invasion Of Ukraine and Georgia. The military Invasion of Ukraine is building up and this plays into our geo political shift by obviously creating massive tension between Russia, and namely the United States which pretty much runs NATO. The U.S. in this crises has backed the Ukrainians but it is a big show, and when or if Russia invades in the near future it seems the force will be massive enough the Ukrainians will be completely overrun. In my own analysis of the situation it seems a three pronged attack will take place by Russia against Ukraine. With forces moving from Northern Ukraine, and the Black Sea in a flanking operation against Ukrainian forces along the border with Russia, and coast of the Black Sea. This is designed to cause the main Ukrainian forces to react thus pulling them away from the main thrust of the attack force which will be held in rebel controlled areas in the southern Ukrainian region closer to Georgia. The best method of defense against this attack is a guerilla warfare platform utilizing subterranean defenses to conceal forces, and to surprise attack enemy forces. If this method of defense is not put into practice before this invasion the main Ukrainian force will be defeated very quickly against the greater size of it's enemy. The best method of approach is to apply a guerilla warfare fighting dirty, and mercilessly much as the Vietnamese did in their war with America. This would take decades of fighting but it would over time wear down the enemy force and cost it so dearly it would for the sake of losing tactical advantage globally be force to resign forces or make a deal with those it was fighting against. The Wild One P.S. It is likely this engagement of force will be thrown like a rigged football game by the acting military leaders as they are more than likely playing this like a theater rather than a actual military engagement. While the lives lost on both sides will be real the outcome will be arranged as will be the seeming chaos in a controlled manner to the globalist ends.
  15. Poisoning of drinking water. It is highly likely these events played off as mysterious miracles are actually the result of illegal poisoning of the water by the intel operations of the local nations in which they take place. As global environmental change is often a loose lie applied liberally to circumstances like this it seems poisoning the water could easily be done. They merely via state run media outlets need to lie and say this is an environmental result from algae blooms. It's similar to zika virus which the news happens to miraculously predict the exact places in which the infection will spread. It is obvious these are illegal simulated efforts to test weapons that can kill off large populations of people and their own ability to cover up that fact. The evidence of the involvement of people causing zika and the mass animal die offs are greater than the evidence for miracles/or magical occurrences. It seems the later are used as cheap lies to wash over the criminal actions of those who are murdering these innocent people. When these tests do affect the environment note the absolute fact these organizations will jump on the global climate problems as the reason for the problem they created. It is not hard to blatantly lie because in all truth media in every nation serves first to keep the lies of the established authority over the interests of the people in general they say they care about. The Wild One P.S. Also take into account the reports of these incidents of mass killing are operations of people by the fact the occurrence is over a wide spread area around the same time in a controlled location. The other evidence being reported has come from small news organizations and the stories have been distorted or squashed over a 24 hour period. It is no question these die offs are illegal operations of organizations of people involved in intel and connected to it.
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