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  1. Yep.....don't shoot the messenger sorta deal......
  2. Well me and @Amethyst seem to be the main Jim Stone posters.....but after last few post we've been getting reamed....so i held off...ive been keeping eye on.....went though some of that dump that NO ONE covering.....and honestly I stopped cause this intel is so hard core .....not election porn but the meat and potatoes.....seems totally legit.....go though look at some the topics..........maybe Jim is being shilled a bit???.....cause although he may be overly enthusiastic he seems to hit lots times......he just been first......and yes he has been wrong but he will rescind.....
  3. These were posted by Martin Arthur Armstrong, the former chairman of Princeton Economics International Ltd (an organization he founded with a net worth of $3 trillion in 1998.) He posted them on his blog, Armstrong Economics. This might be white hat backlash, who knows. IMPORTANT: THIS WILL COME IN AS A PDF WITH APPROXIMATELY 1,500 LINKS TO WIKILEAKS FILES THAT WORK STRAIGHT FROM THE PDF BY CLICKING THEM. https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/international-news/north_america/2016-u-s-presidential-election/here-is-the-wikileaks-index-to-files/ The release is a mixed bag, but THERE IS EXTENSIVE DAMAGE TO MANY ORGANIZATIONS AND GOVERNMENTS HERE. AND I HAVE LITTLE DOUBT THIS WAS A DEAD MAN RELEASE MARTIN WAS TRUSTED TO DO.Try telling me Assange is alive now! Though the newest of these files is dated 2009 there will probably be a second drop with newer files soon. This is an OBVIOUS dead man release. I have the file cached on my server, but am too chicken to serve it because it is that bad. I'll let the much wealthier Martin handle it. For now it is coming in fromArmstrong Economics and I will serve it from here only if I have to. It's all here. Clearly marked classified FBI and DHS stuff that obviously is classified, along with lots and lots of other types of totally tasty kibbles on all sorts of organizations and governments, many classified, all coming directly off the Wikileaks server. Jimstone.is
  4. @Ukshep Have you looked into that huge dump by Assange through a trusted 3rd party....I forgot guys name but he is a 1% of the 1% .....energy guy....credible....white hat??? .....it looks totally legit and to be an insurance or deads man dump......NOBODY covering....
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  7. Yep.....she just covered one her many bulletpoints....Russia is BAD...check....Putin is Big Meany. ..check.....Putin + Trump = BFFs.....check......Classified Nuclear Operations....check..........
  8. I was going to post but didn't feel like getting reamed for posting Stone.....I do think this excellent piece though....does look like huge dump by a trusted 3rd party.......Jim can get excited and ahead of himself but dont we all in these times....I had said I think Hitlery was sacrificed 911....does that make everything I say not credible???...we all smell the stank in the air and just trying to sort it out....
  9. Assange updates:RT set up a live feed outside the embassy. Little good that will do, because I do not think he is even there. Last night a security van had the entrance to the embassy blocked and no one saw what was going on. Today, the FBI released "100 pages" about Hillary. So what. The FBI is trash, 100 pages is not a lot, and all they are doing is using a number that sounds big to childish minds - "100" with the hopes that they will draw the attention away from Assange. My conclusion? The FBI was involved in the takedown of Assange, and now they are going to play a stupid game to try to make themselves look trustworthy and important. There is no conceivable reason for them to have released anything at all today if they themselves were not involved with what happened last night and they want people to start looking away. Wikileaks missed Podesta drop 10 today. BOTTOM LINE? It is probably over. I am confident at this point that the decryption keys were released, and it was all blocked, stopped, and shut down by the U.S. government. I am confident at this time that there will be no more. "They" own the web, and when things get serious enough, they can do whatever they want. Nothing more of substance will be had. I believe it is over. The election will be stolen, and people will be silenced. Every time I got onto something this morning, my internet suddenly shut off. I could not do anything of substance while it really mattered, and now it miraculously works perfect. They got the job done, contained the problem and it is OVER. There will be no decryption keys. The files will remain a mystery and get debunked by trolls, it is OVER. FOLKS, I SERIOUSLY DOUBT THEY CUT ASSANGES INTERNET. BECAUSE IF THEY CUT IT, THE DEAD MAN SWITCHES MIGHT HAVE ALL GONE OFF AND THEY DID NOT WANT THAT. Now it is all contained and under control. GAME OVER. Hillary got the job done. How could Assange have given the message that the internet got cut anyway? That would not be possible, it would just suddenly be gone, leaving no way for him to say it was gone. The internet story is probably a ruse, cover for something else that happened.Now all we have is "be happy, the FBI is your friend. LOOK! THEY RELEASED 100 PAGES ON HILLARY THE DAY ASSANGE WENT AWAY! YEAY, YEAY, YEEEEAYYYY!!!!! I had an internet outage this morning, back up now (for who knows how long) and I am trying to debunk/confirm what I have posted below about Assange.The internet outage was suspicious and the site appears to be getting messed with but I can't seem to pin anything down. Obviously someone has taken action - RT's bank accounts have been frozen for no reason, Assange is either dead or arrested (I'm not buying the "they cut his internet" ruse) and I have had a mountain of problems staying online and keeping errors off the web site. Who knows what problems others are having but I imagine I am not the only one having a rough day. I am keeping an eye on the leading edge sources for any updates on Assange. Assange report clean upSomething big happened at the embassy last night. I am leaving the original report as is, (because it is becoming more and more confirmed) and am going to post what is definite, and what is probable. DEFINITE: Assange has been blacked out. REPORTED: His internet cut. Probable real story: Assange has been poisoned and/or was arrested. Cutting the internet is a cover story for why he is silent. There is an unconfirmed "report by a witness" that in the early morning hours, Assange was taken by 8 police officers with a bag over his head. This story is unconfirmed however. CONFIRMED: IN A TWEET TWO DAYS AGO, PODESTA SAID THE FOOD AT THE EMBASSY WOULD BE UNSAFE. CONFIRMED: Yesterday, Pamela Anderson showed up with a meal. Anderson HATES TRUMP, but called Assange a friend. I doubt she was any friend of his. PROBABLE: the meal was poisoned. She was sent to take him out, with the full cover of her famous image. The media will take care of the details with flowery bullshit. This claim is not spurious, SEE THIS: Pamela said Assange said the food was "torture" and that he was "a bit pale" after visiting him. VERY ODD. Perhaps a secret message that he ate it, to go along with the book which shows a man in a destroyed suit that has newspapers taped to it and a title "get a life". Pamela is holding this book in a way which shows this obviously, as if she is sending a message: The newspapers would be because Assange is in the news daily. The wrecked suit would be what she really wished for Assange, despite saying she liked him (which is an obvious lie if she hated Trump) and I don't need to explain "get a life" which can mean many things, including he won't have one soon. The prominent display of the cover would be the way to tell everyone involved that the plan is underway. THIS SUSPICION OF PAMELA ANDERSON IS NOT UNFOUNDED IN ANY WAY AT ALL, SEE THIS it is damn suspicious to say the least!MY ANSWER (FOR NOW) - Assange has been poisoned, and they either cut his internet to keep him from talking about it, OR, MORE PROBABLE: HE'S DEAD OR ARRESTED ALREADY AND THE STORY ABOUT THE INTERNET BEING CUT IS A RUSE TO EXPLAIN WHY HE IS NOW SILENT.DISINFO WILL RULE FROM HERE ON OUT, BET ON IT!The original report follows. Sadly, what is "unconfirmed" is probably true.
  10. NOW CONFIRMED THAT ASSANGE IS AT LEAST DEALING WITH THE POLICE, AND MIGHT BE ARRESTED OR DEAD. KILL SWITCHES HAVE DEFINITELY BEEN RELEASED. ANYONE WHO HAS THE BANDWIDTH, PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE TWO HUGE DATA DUMPS, (SOME PEOPLE ALREADY HAVE THE SMALL (3.6 GB) DUMP, WE NEED PEOPLE TO DOWNLOAD THE BIG ONES. RUMORS ARE GOING AROUND THAT ASSANGE WAS MURDERED AND A KILL SWITCH WAS RELEASED. IF ASSANGE IS INDEED DEAD, IT IS KNOWN WHO DID IT.CONFIRMED: POLICE HAVE STORMED THE EMBASSY. IF THIS GETS BURIED BY "TWEETS FROM WIKILEAKS", REMEMBER, IT IS COMPLETELY CONFIRMED THAT POLICE HAVE INDEED STORMED AND ENTERED THE EMBASSY IN LARGE NUMBERS AND THAT ASSANGE REALLY IS SCREWED No matter what is said, even from "Wikileaks", which is probably over now.Any reports from "wikileaks" that say all is well must be viewed with the greatest scrutiny, even if "Assange" appears and says all is well. Remember the glitchy Hillary appearances, where she was clearly CG, they will try to fake anything now. CONFIRMED: 1. Podesta tweeted about the safety of Assanges food at the embassy two days ago. CONFIRMED: 2. Pamela Anderson, who hates Trump, brought Assange food today, while expressing "enormous support" which is a laugh, like "support" from Hillary. WHEN ENTERING, SHE WAS CARRYING A BOOK WITH A PROMINENT TITLE: "GET A LIFE". Possibly a hidden message in that. CONFIRMED: 3. Pamela said Assange said the food was "torture" and that he was "a bit pale" after visiting him. VERY ODD. Perhaps a secret message that he ate it, to go along with the book:
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