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  1. With all the subjective elements in "first light" observations, not to mention variables, I don't see any potential for deriving useful data without very sensitive, sophisticated equipment and a HUGE data set built up over a very long time. If I'm missing something here correct me, but just how do you mark "first light" and ensure you're doing it by the exact same method and standards morning by morning? What IS first light?
  2. one thing I'm not willing to do is sit still for some unnamed, unknown bunch of self-professed good guys making judgements about who to expose and who gets a pass because exposing them would be too "dangerous" to America. "Trust us" my ass...that's how we got here to begin with :/ Let the chips fall where they may....END THIS!
  3. buh-bye! :) Don't let the screen door hit ya where the good Lord split ya! :)
  4. Nah.....probably not. :) it's just the way of the professional shill-tear harvester ya know? :) We're infestuous :)
  5. nationalism is not equal to isolationism.
  6. Can you give a bit more detail as to the specific things you're focusing on? The Ottoman Empire ceased to exist during WWI and was officially carved up by the treaties signed between 1918 and 1923.
  7. I'll work on that :) You are NOT a lump in my posts, or in my mind either. Edit: good grief I have a way with words :) That could pretty easily be misconstrued so to be sure.....I see in you signs of a man who holds integrity in high esteem. I'll honor that, with full confidence that you fully believe what you say, no matter how strenuously I disagree with it. It's deception I hate, not mistaken understanding. A man "in whom there is no guile" is an honorable man in my world. I keep looking for that one convincing argument more for your sake than any other.
  8. we are :) I meant to take a jibe at what appears to me is an obvious disrupter...which wasn't you. Did I miss my aim? :)
  9. This one got the only "cure" I know of. That's one trumpet player who'll never give hoot again and I like that thought :)
  10. so the video is just "old and tired" ...absent any dealing with the actual contents and what they tell you. Berating those using more logic and less emotion than yourself as illogical and irrational is more than ironic :) "YAWN" :) WOW....such eloquence and irrefutable logic! :) Hillary found that "Who cares at this point??" a useful diversion from facts too...you're following in well worn footsteps there :)
  11. viral? I sure won't be passing it on :)
  12. I'd say it even stronger. There is no such thing as "limited" integrity :) That's like being a "little bit" pregnant. You either have it or you don't, and that video is a great example of why Alex does not.
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