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  1. arright Shep, what is it in Great Britain? Aluminum or aluminium? What's the Queen's English version? :)
  2. plausible, and the body becomes explainable in your scenario. But why not go ahead and announce the poor sap tripped on the soap and hanged himself on the towel rack? :)
  3. Doc i've never used a civilian sat phone but I did get exposed to quite a bit of tac-sat commo in the army. my understanding is that sat phones are actually pretty difficult to track/locate on the ground without an integrated GPS component. Is that what is making these civilian models so easy to locate? to be honest I'm not sure if the military versions are even comparable to the civilian services, but we were told that we were pretty safe from being located by our signal using tac-sat phones. We had a small, umbrella like antenna made of reflectorized cloth we had to deploy and aim at the satellite too...very directional, low power signal. Edit: that was 20+ years ago to..probably dinosaur tech compared to today. :)
  4. I remember watching this years ago and fully expecting to hear more. I thought surely this was enough to prompt some serious court battles and felony prosecutions. *crickets* At least the experience helped me get past some serious naivete' SSDD :/
  5. That article leaves more questions than it answers. What's up with all these reports of hexagonal shapes appearing in nature? What would cause a winds to conform to such a regular shape? Dunno...odd stuff http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news.php?release=2013-350 Whatever is going on Saturn certainly got a good dose of it.
  6. Just off the cuff, there's still a body to deal with, an Embassy full of people who would note his absence, and I'm assuming a much more intricate bureaucracy that would be involved in deciding to kick the operation off. I also believe we probably have operators in place in London who are there for all kinds of wet work, but man, even a lone operator would need to have a plan, know the layout, know the security...etc. Or alternatively we have to speculate security was bought off (more people involved)....etc. Its a difficult line I'm walking here, trying to avoid taking a wishy-washy stance with all kinds of caveats in case I'm wrong. So I state unequivocally that I believe he is still alive. On the other hand my concern for him is deep and real. I am not confident enough to be dogmatic. I hope he is still ok.
  7. Not singling you out Uzi...just quoted because your post highlights the contrast between our two positions. I believe he is still alive. When I think through the massive complexity of an operation to take him out, the number of people who would necessarily be involved, the fact that three national jurisdictions are intimately involved (quite probably more than that) and the fact that such a complex operation would need considerable time to plan and put in motion, I question whether the risk/reward calculus would merit such an incredibly bold move with huge chances of failure/exposure. I'm assuming the final straw, the trigger for the decision to kidnap or murder Assange would be the panic induced by his recent pattern of devastating daily releases. IF that's accurate (debatable) then there just hasn't been all that much time for planning and execution. IMO not enough. Someone might argue that some contingency plan developed long ago was dusted off, polished and enacted quickly and I'd have to admit that possibility so this line of reasoning is not ironclad by any means. I marvel at the cost of failure if such a plan were exposed. Even a desperate Clinton/NWO would be aware that if the slightest thing went wrong and the operation got exposed, the consequences would be devastating. With that said, I don't want to detract from the basic premise of the thread. I do think he's in a very dangerous spot and his life is definitely threatened. I also admit that with each passing day my confidence wanes. I'd really like to see vast crowds camping out around that Ecuadorian Embassy until we see a pic of Assange holding up today's newspaper. I'm putting a lot of stock in the fact that the breathless proclamations of his death have very little in the way of verifiable evidence to back them up. We have seen tweets from Wikileaks and at least one reporter (TruNews) did manage to contact an Ecuadorian official who gave reassurances of Assange's continued presence and health. I sincerely hope time proves me right....and the sooner the better. The longer we go without verifiable proof the deeper my concern will be.
  8. They need to find the Shep herd
  9. well blow me down! I always thought it was just 'cuz up is where the stars are :)
  10. haha..you were quoting while I was editing :)
  11. Have you noticed we seem to get them in waves? TBH I haven't paid super close attention, but it does seem like every so often we get this flood of anonymous cowards sniping from some innocuous nick and then disappearing forever :) is it just my imagination? Edit: now that I think of it, it seems to happen right about the time some pretend CT site starts having some kind of trouble......like this most recent wave hits and a couple days later the GuLPers are gasping for air. It's almost like a herd of scattered sheep wandering aimlessly til they find a new Shep herd :)
  12. BUTT OUT!! :) (got a half pot left Uzi)
  13. I am happy to announce I'm accepting donations for the procurement and subsequent detailed study of Costa Rican Terazzu dark matter. Thanks for your support.
  14. Stalking?? lol....don't delude yourself. I'm just not that into you.
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