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  1. Can't say all Muslims are bad, but liberals can call all Christians bad or rednecks. Ok. Got it. "until we know more..." lmfao "misunderstanding..."
  2. This is probably not nefarious against Mark, but rather in order to figure out how to weasel their ways into the altright as shills more effectively. Apparently the Special Ops are not really able to figure out SEO.
  3. I apologize for my lack of commentary, I'm getting ready to go to a show. Some people were calling this a plasma entity...It was posted by a "spanish" fb page.
  4. Why were they looking for Podesta's official comment to all this, and mentions comments by Alefentis or whatever, but not actually asking Breitbart about more details of his own 2011 tweet? "Here's what we found, but look!--these are all the retracting points and thus, nothing to see here, move along!"??
  5. I'm pro-euthanasia in end of life situations. It's a kind gesture to someone that won't ever recover from physical ailments, and specifically--won't be able to produce more heirs due to their illness. But....alcoholism? Lame.
  6. I can't help but agree with this.
  7. This is entirely possible and would explain more masculine features. Some are still able to give birth and all. Depends on what parts the person has (inside and out).
  8. They kept this out of MSM for so long. And I drove down to that area on my bday and it was smokey. I had no idea why, I thought something was wrong with my car. It was everywhere though, the smell of smoke. Some areas worse than others, and even in South Carolina, I stopped at Paris Mountain State Park and the air was hazy, it was dry and smokey, but I never saw the actual fires during the entire roadtrip, just the air was horrendous. I came home with my voice and throat all fked up, and it's finally starting to get a little better.
  9. never put all your eggs in one basket.
  10. I don't normally post new threads because even in the past, most of my posts, here and any other site, weren't really taken seriously even if I felt they were relatively interesting and/or important topics. I think here, the % that seems to be somewhat important might be higher by a bit here, so maybe 90% useless posts when I post. xD I still throw what I can when I think of it. Some people come across the information faster than others. Others think the info was already shared and no new thread is needed, while someone else decides to start a whole new thread on it. Also, I have issues, so I tend to compartmentalize my socialization. When I'm actively pursuing one area of interest, everything else hobby/interest wise tends to fall by the wayside. This means some friends won't hear from me for 1-12 months at a time. This isn't just on conspiracy sites, but pretty much in all waking aspects...This would likely not be the issue for most everyone here, but ya never know. There are likely a great deal of factors involved in this, not just a conspiracy of sorts. I've never had a thread deleted on here, though one might've been merged. I don't recall.
  11. Libel...it's a civil issue and can result in lawsuits. Since the damages for each person/business is on an individual basis, it cannot be reasonably dealt with in a class action lawsuit. I mean...it could be, it just wouldn't be the most efficient way to suck their bones dry.
  12. but attack? that seems like overkill....
  13. I tend to wake up a lot most nights. My cats do not help matters. heh!
  14. It's rather easy to say "this doesn't impact me" except this guy was so far up the establishment's ass that he couldn't see daylight. This is how almost all celebrities are and without restraint. In any event, to come to terms with reality and flip the switch...well...yeah, it's going to piss a lot of people off. He probably isn't safe, and the things he says might include a very important message that needs to get out to the population that worships him. Those people might not be us, but it does impact us if those followers of his have their eyes open. It impacts us negatively if they refuse to open their eyes, as well as if nobody opens their eyes. It's not a discussion about what Kim wore today or yesterday or if she opened a makeup line, or whatever. This is about something that could very easily swing things more in Trump's favor. So Kanye getting put in a mental ward and made to look crazy implies everyone that follows and believes in Trump is _that_ crazy (even if it's not really all that crazy in reality). That sets a horrible precedent.
  15. My periods don't tend to be that embarrassing for me. My cycle length kinda varies depending on how I'm eating, and even when I have cramps a few days before I seem to dream just before it the same as if I have no cramps. I've seen no difference in the months where the dream does not occur, though maybe I'd have to do a dream journal to really track that.
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