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  1. If this works... https://twitter.com/BreakingOutBad/status/786252570423599104
  2. This isn't news for me. There was some serious company or somesuch at the fair in Del Mar, CA in 2002. This company studied and researched creating different types of weather patterns, had controls, simulations, in-person experiments under their vast tent, video of proof, etc. There's no reason that 14 years later, this wouldn't already be in the wrong hands, or found to have been funded by the government.
  3. My credit union usually posts checks immediately upon receipt, however despite none of the checks ever having bounced, they now place the new funds on hold for up to a full week (up to 5 business days, which can include the extra 2 days for the weekend). So if I need money, I need to deposit way before I know that I'll need money. This happened recently, and they claimed it's "Always been this way," however to me, it's never occurred before the last month or two. I've deposited checks with them for years now.
  4. Might just be in memory of those that died during 9/11...considering it's a grave accent, not something foreboding. I'm not worried, and I'm not falling into a negativity trap.
  5. This is definitely strange. Could be something, but might be nothing. First comment on the link was 19 hours ago? Can anyone tell when it was posted?
  6. You can acquire guillain-barre from a recent cold, flu, or sometimes a vaccine for a virus. Chemicals might lower the threshold but the standard for diagnosis of GBS is a required virus or virus-vaccine that predated the onset by a certain amount of time. Chemical damage can be something altogether different and likely builds up and causes DNA damage. It does not lead to the immune system overreacting (where GBS is concerned, other autoimmune diseases might be possible, but not this one), nor does it lead to the body attacking itself. What it does is attacks the body on its own accord. Soooo...not the same. Not even close. GBS can come/go once first onset occurs. This means the person must always be aware in case symptoms occur again in the future... With Naled, I don't know if it's permanent or not, but if not, the symptoms would never return. If it is permanent, the symptoms would never ease up. Not GBS.
  7. He would've needed some work done and they would've needed to make his hair lighter (eyelashes, eyebrows, etc), managed to give him curly hair, and change his eyebrow shape slightly, fix his left ear to be different and not match up, and I haven't found a good side profile of both next to one another, nor their heights, which Zuckerberg (for this to work) could only be the exact same height or taller (there's surgery for fibula/tibia's increase in length in order to change height). He also would've needed laser correction of his iris color to brighten up his eyes a bit, which may not have been available back when he started fakebook because it has only really been heard about in very recent years. From research, this is an old unverified rumor. I'd probably just leave it at that. This post doesn't mean he's any less evil.
  8. So, the trash man accidentally opens a hole in the bag and an envelope pops out and some "city official" walks by and decides it's great motivation to send a ticket? I think once it's in the trashcan, it should be the responsibility of the employees of the garbage truck company, especially since that's a service people have to pay for.
  9. Humans innately believe because they are "more" intelligent and "animals are not," thinking only humans can experience the fear involved in fight or flight. Unfortunately, what they don't realize is most of the animals they consume actually have that reptilian part of the brain. This fear base is not hugely based on intelligence. Also, chickens have active pain genes. Vegan isn't something to turn on and off though. If a person thinks they are mostly vegan, that would be an x% plant based diet, not x% vegan. It can be a slow process for some people, so I'm not minimizing the impact, but it is helpful to not confuse those that are into thinking it's like a light switch they can turn on and off to be part of the cool kids. I went vegan overnight after some planning and years of taste-testing foods, and the complete switch was made over 11 years ago. Cinn, everything you said about the protein is quite correct. There is protein in fruits and vegetables, and plenty of it. My personal take on not eating meat is that there is no reason to release that amount of negativity into the universe. It upsets balance. Seeing that everything is connected, I much prefer to not buy into/support those sorts of activities that lead to that amount of suffering. (Basically, I believe my own actions are not only beneficial to the animals and environment, but more importantly the universe as a whole.)
  10. I don't live there, so no. Also, I don't own a gun.
  11. All of them should get shot. Especially in that area.
  12. It's easy to ruin the ivory business, and some people are already doing it: Go out and stain the tusks pink. The elephant is useless for ivory and is left unharmed.
  13. Usually increases like this tend to hit the insurance more than the patients. I understand that patients might have to pay for it in the end, but it isn't out of one person's pocket. In any event, normally a person doesn't need epipens like they're candy. Sometimes increases like this make them more available for free/sample purposes for those that have no insurance and can't afford the medicine, as well as allowing those that do have insurance not having to pay out of pocket for something too low-cost for insurance to cover. from the third link: The issue here is likely the patent (or numerous patents) on the pen itself (as opposed to the medication). https://www.drugs.com/answers/many-different-brands-epi-pens-2835990.html (regarding epipen) https://www.google.com/patents/US20040211806 (epipen patents) http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/835182 (why drug prices are higher in the US) I'm not a lawyer, let alone a patent lawyer, but the answer would probably be in someone being able to develop a "pen" (named something different). So far, nobody has done this (that I'm aware of). There are a lot of patents that are so similar, it would be very difficult to pull off without a good patent lawyer, company lawyer, etc.
  14. Modafinil can lower seizure threshold. If this is what she's on, it's an awesome drug for increasing attention and being able to think more clearly, but it lowers seizure threshold in some people.. Modafinil is used to treat a number of various health issues including narcolepsy, ADHD, Alzheimer's, and the like.
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