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  1. This stein character has been caught on her fineprint basically saying its her money.. People are now wanting refunds and trump has been found to also have won the popular vote so this looks like another failure until they can furiously write out more fake votes
  2. If this thing ends up in the whitehouse the global terrorists have won and america deserves what it gets. Normal people will not accept it for a minute. If you think kids protesting and smashing stuff now is bad wait till they piss off the grown ups❗ deplorable rednecks make pretty bangs 💢
  3. A wine distiller in the same block recently was down in his cellar a few doors away from comet ping pong and his phone picked up over thirty wifi signals! They couldnt be found when he went back upstairs so he goes back down to his cellar and again thirty wifi signals are picked up by his phone....
  4. Ok please look at this FKD UP FIND ! Youtube channel is JAMES MUNDER. Vid title is DARKWEB PIZZA APP WEB FROM HELL this is evidence that all kids are murdered at the end of the sessions❗ i can save links but dont know where my phone puts them? So unless i know it already i cant create link. Sorry but what you will see is definently worth adding here. Its the murder menu and the current specials half price from non murdered kids from the previous session. James Munder also looks at wikileaks and over the last six months ive found him to be 100% Honest.
  5. E=MC2 has been proven wrong.. As light is variable not a constant which Einstein failed to recognise.. Well he was right but only on one level if you know what i mean.. If light is variable which it is it proves the M drive really works! EMC2 i do agree with tyler about the censoring of all truth has begun.. I now need photo identification to access my own twatter and fakebook files! Im being royally bent over right now. 😤
  6. THE TOOLS OF TAVISTOCK. Pack of pedophile protecting traitors. Never helped dr who once! 😂
  7. Wasnt this the thread that was shut down? If you can keep ALL this info backed up seperately somewhere else on usb would be wise. I have a feeling all this will have dissapeared by the coming false flag attack before trump hits official presidential status.. Much much respect chicky babe. Fk these rats. Im very surprised the link would even be working? All reddit investigations have been sabotaged havent they?
  8. Ok. It was originally reported he was doing a ufo speech and investigating ufo? Things change fast when your gone for a week. He would have been investigating that for yrs already? Portugal at a ufo conference to an over twenty yr old investigation can only point to he found something in wikileaks? The podestas kidnapped that lil british girl madelaine in portugal. Think that was her name? Mcanns? The parents sold her to the podesta brothers and i think ive read the time matched email about her in the podesta emails! They were there when she dissapeared! Check it out yourself guys.. Look at podestas emails at the time madeline mcann dissapeared! They were all in the vicinity at the same time. 😒
  9. Yep and he also said thats why they dont have nuclear capabilities now... More lies
  10. BINNERS hate my question here. If the devil is down there making all the evil people suffer for thier sins wouldnt that make him Good? Ponder that 😊 (im not religous but know to understand these sik fks one must know thy enemy)
  11. Lol it should be called THE YEEZY CONTRACT. Looks like kanye woke up a little late 😫
  12. Yep the old Cube forger himself Tyler. This did happen but dont trust tyler. Did you know theres an msm list for ufo? You see it daily when you visit multiple ufo sites like i do. Most ufo sites have the exact same content always. I even pull scott waring up on it. He owns ufosightingsdaily and has his own great findings but resorts to what i call msmufo when his days are quiet. WHATSUPINTHESKY on youtube is a great finder of alien buildings..
  13. Thats the problem exactly. Law enforcement were all up in this from the beginning.. The whole lot of em....
  14. This should have read ...I NEVER KNEW . ..😫screw this im going back to bed and ill try this again later❗ omfg😵💤💤💤
  15. Maybe i should look through your menu one day. That might help. Gotten to used to looking at this on a phone.. Old man thinking😰
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