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  1. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CyzJX-8UoAALLrI.jpg:large Someone moved the camera before the show.
  2. The MSM blackout to me is the most worrying about this. All I can think is that they have been told to back off as to not jeopardise an "ongoing" investigation. St ill sucks donkey balls though.
  3. I'd be quite happy to see the one man illumanati machine be publicly executed. The Soros controlled State Dept has been a nightmare for everyone. Europe, Ukraine, BLM, Libya, the list goes on. People are quick to dismiss world Jewry as having any control and then you come across the like of Soros, super Jew who is happy to destroy countries for shekels. From vid description. This is the video George Soros doesn't want the world to see. He and his team have gone to great lengths to get this interview scrubbed from the internet. Little did they know that it still existed on a old forgotten databse that the autists of the internet dug up. This is the man behind Hillary Clinton. In the Podesta-emails leaked through Wikileaks it became clear that the ties between Soros and the Clinton family are so strong that you can suspect that it's Soros who is calling the shots behind the scenes. This is the man funding the the anti-Trump riots currently happening in the US. In this video you will learn that Mr. Soros have strong ties to many countries, doing good deeds. For example funding the rebuilding of the Ukrainian army. But why is he doing these good things? He wants you to believe it's because he wants to good things. Yet we can hear him say that he's in it to make profit and dont care about the consequences for the socities he operates in. Really makes you think what he has to gain from all the so called charity he's doing. To me it's clear he's doing it to buy more influence in the political sphere in these countries.
  4. I must admit I am doubting the veracity of this, cognitive bias and all that. @Malevolent I guess the phrase "too big to fail" comes to mind as to how this can continue to go on. Same old story, corrupted individuals are trapped in a system that hamstrings them. The rest of us look on going "WTF?".
  5. This is a bombshell vid that is a must watch. Pieczenik has come out and spoken of a counter coup being fought via information releases against the Clinton and Co crime syndicate. He explains that Assange has been used to release information to stop Hillary from getting elected. Ever thought if Assange was controlled, well here it is, he's being fed by the CIA and other elements that are sick of the corruption and cronyism.
  6. We have no water for fracking..think of the children. Oh yeah we can create billions of litres of ethanol from water daily no worries. Pick one.
  7. I'm getting unconfirmed reports via Gab that there are police confiscation phones around the embassy in London. https://i.sli.mg/JJmMwS.jpg There is still no credible sources saying that he has released the deadmans yet. If he does he loses his insurance. Those with bandwidth should grab the data dumps though and a copy of the keys for verification.
  8. Phew, for a while there I thought this was serious.
  9. Or atleast complicit along family and religious line.
  10. If he releases his deadman files he loses his trump card, pun intended. This is a fine line to walk. If he decided to burn it all down then there is no reason not to take him out. Scary stuff with serious consequences,
  11. It's refreshing isn't it? @LiterallyAdolfHitler is hillarious.
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