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  1. Stop going to doctors and fix your brain then you'll be able to attract the right woman. Check out Dr. Joe Dispenza who healed himself after a spinal cord injury.
  2. There are reports of rigging in Texas too where straight Republican ticket includes an automatic vote for Hi-liar-y. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-25/texas-rigged-first-reports-voting-machines-switching-votes-hillary-texas
  3. Hmmm, the hope and change savior from 2007 didn't work out so well. The real question is why is the state of the union so bad that it needs saving? I suppose we could blame all the presidents since JFK but really we should travel back to 1913 and keep our money out of the hands of the federal reserve. Without all that lending and thin air zeros via computer in the last three decades we wouldn't be in this mess. Seriously, how can anyone believe that Trump will be given the keys to the kingdom and abolish all the evil that has been foisted on mankind during the last century? Good luck with that! It's gonna fall regardless of who wins simply because they keep digging their own pit deeper and deeper every year. Every year we think it can't go on much longer but eventually it has to tumble and the quicker the better. I'm voting for a matrix reset or commonly known as "giant meteor."
  4. Mold, you're such a suck up, even more so than me! Congrats to our fearless leaders for batting a thousand.
  5. In the past oligarchies were busted up and a lottery system was instituted where joe blow off the street got picked to serve out a short term. The Celts had a few rules for choosing their chiefs, kings and bards (magistrates) like they couldn't be idiots or deformed. This was before the feudal system where no rent was collected and all the land belonged to everyone with the presiding hierarchy entrusted to care for and protect the residents from invaders. Failure to do so meant replacement so they did their job or the people would protest and throw them out. Unfortunately, the Normans were too powerful and now we're stuck with the Roman system but hey, it failed at least once and it will fail again......hopefully in our lifetime!
  6. I hear ya! Best of luck to you and yours. Be safe out there or take my advice and stay away from trying to navigate the rigged matrix by creating your own world filled with all the people and things you love.
  7. Kids, this thread needs more BS!
  8. I've been taking a little vacay from the forum, rewiring my brain to make a better connection to the ether and in the process letting go of past relationships that aren't conducive to my continued growth.
  9. What??? Speak for yerself. I am a bad bad girl. Just ask all my exes.
  10. How convenient! Create a buzz and.....then it's gone. Shall we toast with a round of Russian vodka?
  11. I know cargo pants are useful but they are ugly. However, the pants belong to her husband and she has no right to throw them out. Personally, I vote for the low cut pants of the 70s worn by rock gods. Oh, and the hair. *swoon* https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/db/9c/8f/db9c8f61dc38a5658ee0f3ee6d652842.jpg
  12. I never get tired of watching that or the cheese wheel either.
  13. The first black man to sit at the very front of the bus was Joe Clough in 1910 when he passed the test to drive the bus through London. Black people could learn a thing or two from this nicely dressed, self respecting man. http://www.blackhistorymonth.org.uk/article/section/bhm-firsts/joe-clough-the-first-black-bus-driver/
  14. OMG, the Irish and the Chinese built the railroads...at slave wages. Michael needs to STFU.
  15. Hillary, you ignorant cu.. That's not who we are. You and mullato don't seem to get it. We are Americans, not Mexicans. Note that our country is not named Mexico, or Afghanistan, or Somali or Africa.
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