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  1. The same people who think CERN invites nephilim are the same people who think standing in a salt circle protects them with a few words of encouragement.
  2. people cheer for death of an individual and show it with much approval. Even on FB where people are in jail; i read the comments how these criminals should rot because of their choices in life. My, oh, my, how I remember you once were a ***** in high school. Lets not hold a grudge ;) The time is becoming ripe where people wax cold of others and only think of themselves.
  3. He's the new president; want some mac n' cheese? It's not hard.
  4. http://truthfeed.com/breaking-video-trump-is-providing-police-officers-at-trump-protests-with-dinner/35361/ Looks good and keep the energy and morale up. Good job.
  5. @Cinnamon I'm not sure what brainwashing the kid went through or any at all. I remember my mock voting and there was no persuasion involved, which means we had almost full reign of the class at that time when given the seat. We had civil debates and I think we held it for a week in our economics class. (I think) It was more of a delegation thing and we were given sides and had to give out reasons why we were the best choice in our argument. We had to form groups and study and make our process as the days went by. It was rather interesting and one of the things I remember. Nono, just because I remember doesnt mean I'm brainwashed :) I do have a good memory for weird things though. >< This poor kid is maybe 11? He is under developed and throwing himself on the ground seemed to be an action he's used to. I wish him the best of luck. I think he'll be just fine.
  6. The child wanted to come home and enthusiastically tell his mother what he did at school and how they did like TV. Black mamma won't have nun of dat in dis hawse. I would like to see her writing credibility on that retarded sign she made him hold. Blacks policing blacks. @Cinnamon I don't see why he wouldn't have mock voting. I did the same when I was a child. Dear Edward, You have many years of female manipulation and will never feel the embrace of a true mother's love. I guess she made him "leave" around 7:30pm by the dark. I guess the father is not involved?
  7. They are calling them anarchists. They should be thought as far left or extreme lefts. People would better identify with the situation. words hurt though and truth cuts. Women in NY are chanting suck my tits and they are now bonding with BLM after chanting together which is part of the plan. I also heard they want immigration. (chanting) Still no word from obama or hilary asking for peace. Is Trump a trojan horse? Time will tell These people think stomping and slamming doors makes some sort of action. #GrabLifeByThePussy
  8. @olderbytheday haha, yes. very $pontaneous of them to have well equipped $igns ready to roll out the very next day .... in multiple cities.
  9. Thy are burning American flags and chanting, "This is what democracy looks like." A country designed to resist tyranny has now embraced it. The majority of these people are 21-22 and maybe 70% women. It's like the emo culture of the 90's, yet thy police each other and use media as shame and anything goes attitude. And to the Democracy for which it stands.... Perfect example of why everyone should not get a trophy.
  10. FL may get a recount. Wall street panics -611 as of 20 minutes ago.
  11. i'll make this short. Blizzard Entertainment Gaming is big on symbolism and one of their biggest games is Diablo and we all know we can't have diablo without some demons, nephilim, biblical names. You can find sun, pyramid worship in many of their games and maps. ( I loves me sum sun and pyramid worship miss daisy ) In this video about the game, Overwatch, you can find the eye, pyramid, "66", V, Anubis, and a slightly interesting background story about this new "hero" The new character names Sombra which means dark/stealth. The video is made by cuRse using a fire logo and with the R being the 18th letter (6+6+6) and the E has a little point in the middle which would indicate the trident. I thought I would share anyway. Not big on the hype meter but I just found it interesting and since a lot of companies are tied together, then this would be appropriate for today's viewing. enjoy.
  12. 9/11 was meant to be easily dissected. Bill Clinton was purposely put in the news about his sex acts in the white house. He was the last elected president we will ever get. ( fast forward ) It's all planned and USA is meant to be the demon, The bad guy in the comic books. It's a manipulation to tell the world that this happens when you reach to be a powerful nation. People in the U.S will be so fed up with their own government and surrounding people; defending it will be a hassle. Nobody will come to help any time soon. Nobody will try to help defend the nation. It will be flooded with the blueprints from "Karl Marx" and the agenda will still go forward. Constantine didn't have the Christian support to change the rules and laws, He simply had the power to silence them and put words in their mouths. There is nothing we have "found" unless it is given to us, even our freedom. Texas is awesome, especially when it's 41% white. There is no place to go this time. Women are shaming men and men are wearing dresses to show defiance towards raped women. New flash: They are already raped. We can't catch up on birth rates because women have been taught and trained to work, be better than a man, because news/media tells you're smarter, men are tired of your shit and living alone is easier, single moms towards sons cant teach them to be a man, yet they get 82% of the custody, I wonder why... men are taught to be shamed, work their asses off or they're nothing in society, women are taught to be pretty pretty princess. Whites are the minority and the only race that will stand up against this fraud, yet we would rather wash our hands of anything and turn our cheek. Whites biggest weakness is apathy and they use it against us brilliantly. It's a shame whites make up most of the police force, fire department, military defense, ect. and we police ourselves brilliantly. It's coming, it is coming. 9/11 was meant to be easy and nothing new is under the sun. I wonder if this is how Egypt fell. The chemtrails are full of barium, and executive order was passed last year that the U.S citizens can be droned. We're walking light bulbs from X-ray vision.
  13. many movies include the cube in their movies. It's very common to find sun worship in the backgrounds of movie sets. they also like to try and add the pyramids and sun together as one. Musicians are not exempt.
  14. Yes, Cinnamon but look towards the middle East. The Euphrates river is 80% dried up now and will harbor many people into a war. An estimated 10 million people are affected and food/water is low. The Ethiopian dam will be completed in 2017 and will likely jeopardize Egypt’s access to the Nile even further. The water wars are coming and it's going to be huge.
  15. Duderte is a child playing checkers with men playing chess. He also has muslim friends and is blinded by their influence. The muslims have their own little city in lower Philippines ( just muslim things..) and are now entering the seats within the bank of Manila. " The PSE ( Philippines stock exchange) continues to provide a list of Shariah-compliant securities to cater to the needs of Islamic investors and those who use Sharia as their investment guide. By highlighting listed firms that adhere to the standards of Sharia law, we hope to open investment opportunities in the country to islamic funds," said PSE COO Roel A. Refran. Duderte knows he also needs Russia and has already taken money from China to increase his own army and police against drug dealers. Asking communist China for support during a typhoon? Maybe China will help once they plant their army in the abandoned US bases.
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