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  1. Yes, Cinnamon but look towards the middle East. The Euphrates river is 80% dried up now and will harbor many people into a war. An estimated 10 million people are affected and food/water is low. The Ethiopian dam will be completed in 2017 and will likely jeopardize Egypt’s access to the Nile even further. The water wars are coming and it's going to be huge.
  2. Duderte is a child playing checkers with men playing chess. He also has muslim friends and is blinded by their influence. The muslims have their own little city in lower Philippines ( just muslim things..) and are now entering the seats within the bank of Manila. " The PSE ( Philippines stock exchange) continues to provide a list of Shariah-compliant securities to cater to the needs of Islamic investors and those who use Sharia as their investment guide. By highlighting listed firms that adhere to the standards of Sharia law, we hope to open investment opportunities in the country to islamic funds," said PSE COO Roel A. Refran. Duderte knows he also needs Russia and has already taken money from China to increase his own army and police against drug dealers. Asking communist China for support during a typhoon? Maybe China will help once they plant their army in the abandoned US bases.
  3. Take a small shot glass of apple cider vinegar every night. It helps flush the fats you may have eaten, it helps my GERD, ( stomach acid & flushing ). These are some of the reasons I take a small shot every night. Mustard helps sunburns as well.
  4. "33" million emails. They know what they are doing/saying and tossing up the hand gestures at the right time. Our internet has already been given to a private company. soon we wont be able to communicate. 2nd amendment won't work unless it's for cat videos and how to put on make up.
  5. Women have the power of persuasion, they are masters of shame and controlling other women in masses. If you can landslide women in the right direction they can change thoughts of men. Hiliary is running for a reason because they understand this concept. Look at Murkle, It's completely the same. Men are taught to be shamed if they have a different opinion or express a new idea. Anyone with any other opinion is seen as a burden since it takes energy to attend to another thought. If a comedian wants to get a room to accept him, he gets the women to laugh first, then the rest of the room sees it's ok to laugh even if they didn't find it funny. Change the thoughts and ideas of women about a single man and they will find ways to destroy him because vagina. women have power of persuasion. Too bad they only do it when it only pertains to them. They are using women as a power vote on numerous levels. Even if you feel voting doesn't matter, the MSM will have so many women overturning your idea that it does.
  6. Share some of your favorite food dishes. I didn't know how bad I sucked at cooking until I stopped putting so much meat on my plate.
  7. @Iamawake Everybody and anybody can testify to the fact the climate is being changed.
  8. Be prepared to hear Hurricane Matthew in every global warming debate. Personally, I dont think Matthew was a big deal. I would not have left and yes, I live in Florida but in the panhandle.
  9. We know something is wrong; something is not right. This is not how the world is supposed to be and why we are on this planet. We are not meant to work, eat microwave dinners, drink a pepsi, then watch dancing with the stars. We are meant for something greater and the king of this world hates us and knows we are built better than he and it royally pisses him off.
  10. No need to post doomsday timers or "what he/she said" so you can post and save your own face. Pls.. just stop. My IQ drops and I dont frequent the posts often. data, history, process, background, thoughts, .. ect are all fine, but pls don't post garbage.
  11. Very true, Cinnamon. I say the same thing. #cheesematters
  12. Hurricane matthew is pushing a hard right and I don't see it being a huge threat. Ya, it has 155+mph winds right now, but it will be far EAST of florida later in the days. The exhaust on a hurricane is always on the right side and since florida will be on the other side of the exhaust, I dont see a big issue. I'd rather have a hurricane be 1. East of my home 2. Direct hit. It's not as bad as it seems. Just don't park your car under a pine tree or live in a trailer. I live in Florida and also lived in Wyoming. We're not scared of hurricanes but we do use common sense. If I lived mid to upper Florida, I wouldnt even board up my windows. It's not that big of a deal because of its location. Honestly, nothing to see here. The hurricane might as well be running for president. Maybe a distraction from the tension between russia and U.S.
  13. Time Kaine is a jesuit. He takes absolute obedience to the pope.
  14. We can never be fully prepared against our own or the government(s). Did someone really have to die right before the weekend?.. Damn it, Milton. I'm not staying up late for this riot. Give them a reason to riot and it'll all come down. There are plenty of opportunistic people out there. Some who loot, some who shoot, and the in between.
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