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  1. Germany relied heavily on synthetic fuel during WWII http://www.au.af.mil/au/afri/aspj/airchronicles/aureview/1981/jul-aug/becker.htm
  2. Just like they're gonna feed the world with chlorella. Good luck with that. Not enough acreage of water. Too much sun when not partially shaded. Oh shit it all died. Oh shit we killed all the ducks. Oh shit the EPA ripped our asses. You know.
  3. I know why. Pole shift for everybody. (except Uranus, the pole stays where it is)
  4. Abiotic oil. Abiogenic petroleum. Inorganic crude. Those are the words ya'll are looking for. It doesn't matter where it comes from. Someone has to pay to dig it up.
  5. So we are all a bunch of genetic defects? That's what my dad tells me. Sounds about right.
  6. I also learned not to tell stories about Juarez and the Ice Cream Man selling crack at 3:00 AM. Some things are better left unsaid. Women have secrets and so should men.
  7. I have a big problem with beneficial macro mutations occurring spontaneously from radiation. And then the mutated fellow has to find a compatible mate and pass on his DNA to a viable offspring. What a way to make a living.
  8. My bad. I thought it was midgets. So which invention/machine/patent/paper/drawing/rumination was this? Why did he waste all his time/money/effort on global communication if he had the keys to free energy?
  9. Bump for the Kman. Genuine interest over here.
  10. Did you know that Tesla's free energy was based on a pack of midgets trapped in a ball that would rub their feets against the carpet? It was found that it took slightly more energy to feed the midgets than they could produce. So close.
  11. Sodium is generally recognized as the sixth most abundant element in the earth's crust. Chlorine makes the top 25 ahead of such pedestrian elements as copper and zinc. Considering that Halides are easily soluble in water, does it not stand to reason that they would be found in the ocean in great quantity?
  12. Good post. I don't disagree with anything, save perhaps this second part. Let me assure you, I understand the ways of academe and what a theory is. On to the core! I was curious if you had any thoughts with respect to the possible correlation between a planetary iron core and the halting of nucleosynthesis at Fe. For the sake of brevity, I'm talking about "supernova bullets". The creation and seeding of large masses of iron through certain types of supernovae. Later to become a planetary core through accretion or some other process. (I am aware you may not subscribe to nucleosynthesis at all.)
  13. This whole snip is purely retarded. Especially the red part. Exercise some discernment, for the love of all that is Holy. Thank you.
  14. This is the junk drawer. If a thread is about politics and you start posting a bunch of cat videos, they could end up here. But you might get away with one cat video. If it's cute.
  15. I'm not gonna write a book here, but I'll introduce another branch of science for people to hate on. Paleomagnetism. Turns out that the direction of the Earth's magnetic field is captured in magnetic minerals as they cool (lava). So, yeah, the magnetic field has flipped many hundreds of times according to geologic record. (and NAZIS!) Contrary to what was suggested above, to think that the magnetic field is purely generated from an external source (sun) is to discount the lack of significant magnetic fields on similar bodies such as Venus, Mars and our own moon. If you would like to discover more about this topic and the basis for the concept of the geodynamo (iron core driven geomagnetic field), peruse this at your leisure: http://www-gpsg.mit.edu/12.201_12.501/BOOK/chapter3.pdf Ignore the equations if that's not your thing. It's good for the concepts.
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