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  1. Man 'cured' of prostate cancer after doctors shock tumour to death with testosterone A man with advanced prostate cancer is believed to be cured after doctors 'shocked' his tumour to death with huge amounts of testosterone. The result has been described as 'unexpected' and 'exciting' because most prostate cancer therapies work by depriving tumours of testosterone, because cancer uses it as a fuel. Other seriously ill men taking part in the same trial showed responses that astounded scientists, with tumours shrinking and the progress of their disease halted. Levels of Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), a blood marker used to monitor prostate cancer, also fell in the majority of the 47 participants. One individual whose PSA levels dropped to zero after three months and shows no remaining trace of the disease after 22 cycles of treatment appears to be cured, said the researchers. Professor Sam Denmeade, from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, US, who led the study, said: ""Our goal is to shock the cancer cells by exposing them rapidly to very high followed by very low levels of testosterone in the blood. The results are unexpected and exciting. Rest http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2016/11/30/man-cured-prostate-cancer-doctors-shock-tumour-death-testosterone/
  2. The Energy Department is doing its part to help salmon fly high. The agency has recently helped develop the Whooshh Fish Transport System, also known as the salmon cannon. The system is a series of flexible pressurized tubes that suck up fish and give them a boost over dams so they can continue to swim upstream in order to spawn. And it's not exclusive to salmon; the cannon can be used on any non-endangered fish and could also help aid in invasive species removal. The salmon cannon was developed by company Whoossh Innovations in partnership with Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. To see the salmon cannon in action, check out the video below from the Energy Department: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0bu7CyGovA
  3. Space travel presents scientists with seemingly infinite challenges. Aside from the technological feat of getting astronauts off the planet, scientists have to figure out how to keep them healthy with no-gravity exercise, clean air and nutrition once they’re up in space. But there’s one much-less-glamorous problem space scientists have to solve: how to get rid of astronaut poop on long missions in spacesuits. The question has NASA scientists stumped, and so they’re taking suggestions from the public. In October of this year, they launched the Space Poop Challenge on the crowdsourcing platform HeroX. Anyone can submit a proposal through Dec. 20, and the winner will get $30,000. NASA is looking for suggestions on how to create a device that will fit compactly in spacesuits while safely collecting and storing a liter of urine, 75 milliliters of fecal matter, and just over 13 milliliters of menstrual blood per day for six days. Astronauts use diapers for urine when they’ll be in their spacesuits for eight to 12 hours, but these would cause too much irritation and risk infection for prolonged use. http://www.nextgov.com/health/2016/11/nasa-offering-30k-person-who-solves-its-space-poop-problem/133525/?oref=ng-HPriver
  4. The Homeland Security Department wants to install more cameras for facial recognition in airports. Customs and Border Protection is looking for sources to provide “mounted facial recognition cameras” to be deployed in an “airport environment,” according to a solicitation posted earlier this month. Those would be procured through a “small business track” on DHS’ indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract vehicle, FirstSource II. The cameras, to be deployed as part of an experiment at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, would help test the information system supporting CBP’s exit protocol for travelers. Over the summer, the agency published a request for information about ways to collect biometric data—pieces of information about an individual’s unique physical characteristics—as travelers are exiting the country. A robust biometric exit tracking system could help distinguish people who are “lawfully present in the United States from those who have violated their terms of admission.” Such a system would require agents to collect both entry and exit data, and match attributes to each other for each traveler. It would also help ensure travelers were not leaving the country under other people’s names. Today, some exit data is often provided by airline carriers, according to CBP. DHS also analyzes data about the “range of encounters” travelers may have had in the country, according to that RFI—including whether they legally extended their stay or updated their citizenship status. CBP has been focusing on designing biometric strategies at airports, but eventually hopes to expand to land and sea ports, according to that RFI. CBP has conducted a few biometrics experiments, including at Washington Dulles International Airport and New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport where cameras collect and match travelers’ photos to the ones on their passport. The agency has also distributed handheld devices to agents at international airports to aid biometric data collection. REST........ http://www.nextgov.com/emerging-tech/2016/11/dhs-wants-cameras-can-recognize-your-face-airport/133442/
  5. 540 calorie burger – which he ate every week for 50 years passes away aged 98 Then they tell us fast food is bad for us???? Obviously not!
  6. BIG MAC THEN DIES Big Mac inventor passes away aged 98 nearly 50 years after creating McDonald’s iconic 540 calorie burger – which he ate every week Franchisee 'Jim' Delligatti first put the treat on sale at one of his outlets in 1968 THE inventor of the Big Mac has died at the age of 98. Michael “Jim” Delligatti came up with the iconic McDonald’s burger nearly 50 years ago. PICS.... https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2298054/big-mac-inventor-passes-away-aged-98-nearly-50-years-after-creating-iconic-mcdonalds-burger/
  7. THIS^^^^^ LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. GALT, Calif. (AP) — California is taking its fight against global warming to the farm. The nation's leading agricultural state is now targeting greenhouse gases produced by dairy cows and other livestock. Cattle and other farm animals are major sources of methane, a greenhouse gas many times more potent than carbon dioxide as a heat-trapping gas. Methane is released when they belch, pass gas and make manure. "If we can reduce emissions of methane, we can really help to slow global warming," said Ryan McCarthy, a science adviser for the California Air Resources Board, which is drawing up rules to implement the new law. Livestock are responsible for 14.5 percent of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions, with beef and dairy production accounting for the bulk of it, according to a 2013 United Nations report. Since the passage of its landmark global warming law in 2006, California has been reducing carbon emissions from cars, trucks, homes and factories, while boosting production of renewable energy. In the nation's largest milk-producing state, the new law aims to reduce methane emissions from dairies and livestock operations to 40 percent below 2013 levels by 2030, McCarthy said. State officials are developing the regulations, which take effect in 2024. "We expect that this package ... and everything we're doing on climate, does show an effective model forward for others," McCarthy said. Rest..... http://www.fox5ny.com/news/220448846-story
  9. Oldest living person credits longevity to raw eggs, independence (CNN)The oldest person in the world, Emma Morano of Italy, credits her longevity to a diet of raw eggs and ending her abusive marriage long before divorce was even legal. Morano celebrated her 117th birthday on Tuesday and is now the only person alive known to have lived through three centuries. She was born November 29, 1899, in the Piedmont region of Italy, back when King Umberto I reigned. Emma Morano is the only person alive who was born in the 1800s. Morano became the world's oldest living person in May, after American Susannah Mushatt Jones died at the age of 116. Jones, who was born in Alabama, did not smoke or drink and credited her long life to sleep and loving relationships. Longevity seems to run in Morano's family: Her mother lived to 91, and some of her sisters made it to a century. But it was the peculiar diet she began after World War I that Morano says helped her become one of the oldest people ever. When she was a teenager, a doctor suggested that Morano eat raw eggs to combat her anemia. She followed a stringent diet of two raw eggs, one cooked egg, a little minced meat and pasta for the past 90 years. With age, her diet has been cut down to just two eggs a day and some cookies. Rest and PIC here VID here http://www.cnn.com/2016/11/29/health/oldest-living-person-emma-morano/index.html
  10. A five-year-old boy was greeted by police officers at his home after inviting them round on Thanksgiving to share his cheesecake. Billy Nolin, five, from DeFuniak Springs in Florida, melted hearts when he called 911 to ask officers to join him and his family for their Thanksgiving dinner. His brief call puzzled the Walton County 911 dispatcher but left them all with a smile on their faces. Monica Webster, communications officer, said: 'With all the bad calls we take on a daily basis this one was a welcomed happy call that made all of us smile.' Billy was paid a special visit by Deputy Damon Byrd and Deputy Aaron Ethridge who gave him a Sheriff's Badge and even let him sit in their patrol cars and turn on the siren. The five-year-old said he was now inspired to become a police officer so he could also be 'nice to little kids some day.' PICS HERE! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3978308/Five-year-old-boy-called-911-Thanksgiving-invited-police-officers-duty-house-dinner.html
  11. (CNN)Raritan Pharmaceuticals has issued a recallof kids' homeopathic ear relief liquid and teething tablets. The recalled products contain varying levels of belladonna extract, which can be dangerous or fatal when consumed in large doses, according to the US Food and Drug Administration. The recalled Raritan products include CVS Homeopathic Infants' Teething Tablets, Kids Relief Homeopathic Ear Relief Oral Liquid and CVS Homeopathic Kids' Ear Relief Liquid, which are sold nationwide. The products, tested by the FDA, were found to contain small but varying amounts of belladonna. According to the agency, the recall is precautionary. There have been no reports of the recalled products directly harming consumers. http://www.cnn.com/2016/11/28/health/raritan-homeopathic-kids-product-recall/index.html
  12. Now this is range. Back in September, Australian trick-shot group How Ridiculous broke the Guinness World Record with a 593-foot shot off a dam in Switzerland. The video was first posted Nov. 20. Shockingly, the feat took only three attempts (33.3 percent). Andre Drummond shot 35.5 percent from the foul line last season. As For The Win's Alysha Tsuji noted, this is the fourth time How Ridiculous has broken the record since 2011. With its latest basket, it took the honor from Dude Perfect.
  13. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's always fun to play tricks on unsuspecting people but there's always the risk of going too far and being plain old mean. The moral compass appeared to skip these people who chose to seek a thrill, and will no doubt make you lose faith in humanity. From someone disguising a plug socket as a 'key cleaner' to hiding cat food on the tuna shelf they really are the worst people ever. PICS HERE!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3972108/Are-WORST-people-plug-socket-disguised-key-cleaner-cat-food-hidden-tuna-shelf-pranks-make-lose-faith-humanity.html
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