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  1. hi just stopped by briefly. wow i noticed 2 things here. cop has new makeover, looks better than before..and i see full throttle is back after long hiatus. good ol FT. i may not be active anymore, but im lurking about, alive and well.
  2. so its that time of the year again. ive never smelled it before..i would like to..curious iam.
  3. so sorry i missed this. me and the wife has said a prayer for her recovery mold mate.
  4. maybe delayed on west coast? never happened on aug 2nd. well i have update on so no real worries. anyone else got latest update?
  5. whats that fatso flapping his lips about now
  6. i was awaken from nap yesterday after hearing hillarity's voice booming from 2 rooms down the hall. she's got her groove on
  7. wow happy b day bro. love the dog in avatar. lovely lasses they are, good song.
  8. Herbal viagra could leave your whole body stiff — as in dead. Yohimbe, which claims to treat erectile dysfunction, depression and obesity, was among 15 supplements that Consumer Reports identified Wednesday as having side effects that can seriously sicken or kill users in gruesome ways, including organ failure, cancer and cardiac arrest. In terms of yohimbe, an independent panel of doctors and dietary supplement researchers found that it can raise your blood pressure, cause rapid heart rate, as well as increase the risk of seizures, liver and kidney damage, heart problems, panic attacks and death. More than 90,000 vitamins, probiotics, minerals, herbs, botanicals and a growing list of “natural” substances crowd drugstore shelves today, but there’s little evidence to prove they have any real health benefits. http://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/so-called-'healthy'-supplements-could-sicken-or-kill-you/ar-BBuZ6Tt?ocid=ansmsnhealth11 i take some form of suplements, as in iron because i suffer from hypotension. without it, id become dizzy and faint
  9. i was going off to sleep..its really late. just wanted to post briefly. have a grrreat evening or afternoon.
  10. i surprised myself tonight after i actually watched the DNC and listened to bill talk candidly in a brief bio. iam not one to get into anything politically charged on tv.
  11. ill just leave you two alone. *backs away
  12. Earlier on Tuesday, eight athletes across canoeing, modern pentathlon and sailing were banned, as seven swimmers and three rowers were on Monday. Governing bodies are making the rulings following the damning World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) report into state-sponsored doping in the country. The Rio Games begin on 5 August. The International Olympic Committee has said individual federations should decide if Russians can compete following Wada's report. http://www.bbc.com/sport/olympics/36894519
  13. lol ok. iam using slimjet browser . it uses same platform as chrome. doesnt eat up too much resources unlike the real C browser
  14. its smooth jazz or nothing at all baby. bsj.fm uk's supreme jazz station
  15. hmmmm..whenever i ask someone same question..they usually dont want to tell me.. no worries
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