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  1. Wow..quite a shocker that a Jew judge-very likely a Hillary supporter, like the rest of the liberal Jew judges, ruled in favor of a recount...
  2. Sick sick stuff. Where there's smoke, there's fire. A lot of powerful people are obviously knee deep into this twisted, evil behavior. Anybody who would harm a child in ANY way needs to be, at the very least, outed publicly, so the public can have an opportunity to react accordingly. I say this, only because it is obvious that nothing will be done @ the legal level..not even an impartial investigation. Do we have a full list of these sickos suspected of being part of this twisted "pizza" club?
  3. He may be described as a white male, but he's Jewish. Jews identify themselves as minorities, not whites. So to be fair, the distinction should be made. Just like in the Trayvon Martin shooting, the media made out George Zimmerman to be a white male, when in fact he's half Jewish & half Hispanic.
  4. More sky-is-falling propaganda by the ultimate fake news out there. F-em all.
  5. We all hope these disgusting abusers rot in hell..but do any of us REALLY think that anyone will be arrested & charged? This thing seems to lead directly to the most powerful & wealthy.. In short, if Trump is serious about "draining the swamp", he can start proving it by making sure that federal charges are brought on anybody & everybody associated with this disgusting ring, once he is sworn in.
  6. Typical NYC Jew behavior. I don't see them protesting as to how their own are over-represented in politics & law, considering their statistically small population. These paranoid types believe that any inkling of Christians coming into political power is dangerous for the Jewish people. It's the same reason they pushed so hard for the Immigration Act of 1965, which effectively ended the mass legal migration of European Christians into America, in exchange for 3rd world riff-raf. It's the same reason they continue to "champion" open borders in every country they've settled in, while insisting all nationalism is racism. It's the same reason most Jews are leftists & liberals.. calling Trump "Hitler" & a "Nazi", while simultaneously pushing for open borders in most every developed country, except their beloved Israel. Think about the insanity for a second. Muslims are sworn enemies of Jews, yet Jews have aligned themselves with the movement for them to be dumped into developed European Christian countries, along with the US . This isn't happening by accident. It's just indicative of the immense hate Jews harbor towards European Christians.
  7. While everyone is busy commending the rioters, you guys are overlooking one small detail: The government in Greece is a leftist-socialist disaster, Obama is a leftist leader pushing socialism & open borders down everyone's throats..and the rioters are LEFTIST anarchists. I'm not really sure what those clowns are protesting over...
  8. I've also heard Gowdy's name mentioned. He's probably the most qualified. I love how he handled Clinton during those questioning sessions over Benghazi & her email drama. I think Trump is too smart to hand such an important position to Giuliani or Christie.
  9. I was @ my local Home Depot tonight & my cashier who was a dark shade of white, was bitching about how Trump is gonna start a war..She was also yapping about how Obama looked after black folks-which is a ridiculous statement, in & of itself. The funniest thing she said was that half the store employees were currently "in the back", in a makeshift war-room they had set up, jeering pro-Trump results and hoping Hillary would win. Now they are all eating crow!!!!
  10. Dana Bash is a disgusting Zionist just like her fellow Clinton News Network cohorts, Wolf Blitzer & Jake Tapper.. Btw, her 2nd marriage to a fellow journalist shill failed, just like her 1st marriage.
  11. If they do have anything very damning-and that's a big IF at this point-they better release it by Monday morning.
  12. I thought we were supposed to get emails, pics & videos of politicians caught with indisputable evidence of their perversions, deviances, & vulnerability to blackmail.. Guess that was all b.s...
  13. Very very powerful & touching testimony.
  14. Not sure about this guy..There's a lot of online chatter that this guy's controlled opposition. http://dutchscammer.com/post-13249381.html
  15. We'll see where this goes..I hope it's all true.. It's gotten a bit tiresome hearing that every other piece of news is , "a bombshell which will end Hillary Clinton's run & put her in handsuffs, once & for all..."
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