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  1. Two articles make it clear that the Sioux stand against the pipeline running through their land. Taking a Stand at Standing Rock, By DAVID ARCHAMBAULT II lays out the care that the Tribe(s) have taken to look at both sides of this issue, pro and con. However, once you delve into the pipeline issue that fact that the water down river is as important as that near Standing Rock. The Sioux chief talks about the area that the water protectors are is a flood plain and that the Sioux will have to clean it up when the protectors are gone. What is not spoken about is that Lake Oahe was created in 1958 by a dam, which caused the flood plain, and the damage a spill could effect downriver all the why to the Gulf Coast. Last issue for the night: The number of different organizations at Standing Rock and the fact that the tribal leader has asked that people go home. Thanks to Zero for this video - Water Protectors, Black Lives Matter, Brown Berets, PICO, and white allies form Medicine Wheel The presence of the BLM (Black Lives Matter) group is troubling. Their rehearsed communist rhetoric is disturbing, when compared to the statements of Chairman Archambault ll calling for a peaceful resolution. The last thing they need at Standing Rock are trained agitators, which they clearly are. The other groups do not appear to be militant, but in situations as this it likely people will be incited to follow the agitators. It is understandable why people have been asked to go. The 'white protesters', whether the indigenous claim they are not against, some do resent their presence. Some SR Sioux claim that they too are paid agitators. Wesley Clark Jr. and Michael A Wood Jr.'s reason for going to SR are questionable. Thanks to Talon: So What is This ‘Veterans for Standing Rock’ Thing All About? by Scott Creighton The Veterans will be moving on to Flint, Michigan. My opinion about this is pure conjecture. None the less, not much was said in the alt media, or by anyone for that matter, about the deeper issues, right from the beginning. It has led me to consider that the 'boots on the ground' are ignorant of many facts (some facts known). Because of this the veterans very quickly figured out that not all people involved have been above board with the true facts. Once they ascertained the truth they decided that it was better to help people in the same situation like Flint. To wrap up. This excellent interview with Chief Archambault ll shows clearly that the SR Sioux will prevail. 'We’re Not Going to Go to War': The Chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Preaches Peace and Patience By Cole Kazdin and Duy Linh Tu
  2. I'll begin this very brief commentary stating that I'm not at Standing Rock, I'm in San Francisco, CA. Many of us here are using social media to assess the situation. It has become clear that the situation is complex, and yes there has been some serious discrepancies with what the people of #noDAPL have put out. Dog left out in Texas heat bites face of 3-year-old girl .. Trolled or not this is a serious issue, regarding false accusations about police brutality. The video: A Critical Look at STANDING ROCK #DAPL - by Jeff Holiday is itself of truths that are taken out of context. He states that the Tribal chief has not consistently been in contact, or refused contact with the oil companies, not true. The PDF file he posts on the site deals not at all with the tribal elders and Tribal Lands. but other private land owners. Much of the land is privately held. It is beautiful farmland. While he does present some good arguments, many are vague attempts to cloud the issue or even being so outlandish that you'd just want to throw in the towel. This CNN article is actually very informative: Not all the Standing Rock Sioux are protesting the pipeline -- Jessica Ravitz, "Though they embrace oil production, tribal leaders also are embroiled in a dispute over pipelines, much like the Standing Rock Sioux to the south. They're concerned about a pair of new crude and natural gas lines slated to cross under the reservoir." Upstream From Standing Rock, Tribes Balance Benefits, Risks Of Oil Industry NPR. While the focus is on 'one' pipeline this is the first I've heard of 2 pipelines 'to cross under the reservoir.' At this time I can't confirm this statement. I'll leave it for further investigation. part one
  3. ok, one more item.. Talon. I've seen and read the above article, am re-reading it now. I dismissed it because it had the ring of truth to it. In the end I always went back to the water. At this point i'm not going to say anything unless I research EVERY WORD SPOKEN by any of the water protectors.
  4. ok Z - I've only read a very short piece. Beginning thoughts: the Ft. Laramie Treaty states that the tribal land extends 46th parallel to the east side of the Missouri /w easement. to Nebraska. However it states that there is already a pipeline in place, so... this means that the people on the ground are ignorant of the issue, and they're being used by their own elders. This is very nefarious on the side of the Sioux elders. Talon and Zero - I'm going to be ruthless about what I put out next. back by 8 ish ... yikes massive links to go through. I might break it up into 2 parts.
  5. Had to take a small break. Just getting to the - critical look video. He brings up some very good questions and facts, but, you have to admit by no means is this a thorough presentation. Before I go on I'll finish the video and check out all the links. Zero - thanks for all the information. I have to look at all this info. But you're right. Everything you've put forward has some validity to it. When the veterans realize that they've been deceived it will effect future decisions when presented with a problem that will need all our boots on the ground. i'll be back around 6ish.
  6. You're right to post this , as others have. I'm not sure what I think about it. The small propane tanks were burnt not exploded. This is scary - about the fake girl. Regardless - If all of this is questionable, is it really about the water? The truth, my opinion, because that Chief stated they all should go home, in the manner that he did, I'd go. There was something very strange in how he said it. 'They have served their purpose'? Again - Is this really about the water?
  7. I'm not a never Trumper. Just stating a serious possibility. A friend of mine works for them and gives me size updates once in a while.
  8. ok, here you go ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkFBVoSs5tw
  9. T - since nobody is reading the post how about I post it for you then try to delete after you're done? Let me know what you think I should do.
  10. Being from Seattle area this will be devastating to the economy. What will be done will be.
  11. I think if I get three yes acknowledgements I'll post it. T is that a yes?
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