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  1. agreed. I think it's just a new means of data gathering. and it's a little frightening to see how quickly this has caught on.
  2. I think that any woman who has been "protected" by a restraining order will not be surprised to read this.
  3. It is no secret that we have a government filled with morally bankrupt criminals. But how, indeed, would 'taking the establishment down' be accomplished? This is a serious question, and not meant with sarcasm at all. A lot of people are saying exactly what you just said, but they are saying it from the comfort of their keyboards. And that is where I am writing my words, too. But think about this reasonably: how would you remove this criminal element? And then, how do you reconstruct a reasonable foundation to return the nation to a liveable standard? I am not asking this to discourage anyone, but rather to open up a dialogue to get people thinking about possible remedies/solutions in a practical way.
  4. Eh, I just looked at the link you had on ballot o pedia. Here's what they said about the line of secession: But it's interesting to note that her position had "less than one year left of her second term," but she will be holding this governor's office for more than a year and half. The polls on that site that show her approval ratings and such are from April of last year. I would guess if those same polls were taken today, the numbers would be different.
  5. Yeah, look into it. Generally speaking, there are rules of sucession guaranteed in your state constitution, I think. It would seem to me that your lieutenant governor would have assumed the office until the election could be held. And generally speaking, a constitution should usually specify the time for an election to be held.The fact that your previous governor resigned in February of 15 and the election won't be held until November of 16 ...that's what ... over a year and half? Something seems very wrong here. I don't see how she could be granted power for an elected office.
  6. The reason I brought this up is simplly this: if she is not legally holding the office, she had no legal right/authority to call in the feds. If this is true, I would think that it would throw all of those charges made as a result of her actions .... well, questionable at least and illegal at most. I'm not a legal expert, but this does seem like a possibility. I didn't know she was the first openly bisexual governor ... like, when is this something to be paraded on a resume? Although I guess we have seen what can happen when one is ready to screw both genders in this case, right?
  7. In theory, the corrupt governor was elected. I would guess that in your state constitution, there is a right of succession when a person vacates or dies in office. A state governor is not an appointed position! Why wasn't an election put in place as soon as the original governor vacated? And why, for example, didn't the lieutenant governor assume the office until the election occurred?
  8. I don't have great success with small containers either ... and one of the things i wondered about is if the sun heats up the containers, would it be too hot for the plants that grow in these? Though there is constant slow, steady irrigation from the top (assuming you remember to keep the reservoir filled) what protects the entire tower from extreme heat, such as that which usually occurs in August.
  9. Okay, now check out this development: <snip> full story here: http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2016/02/10/466329269/justice-department-sues-ferguson-after-city-amends-police-reform-deal In light of what is currently taking place, is this not crazy?
  10. When Chavez was killed ... oops, I mean when he died from cancer ... the vultures flew in to feast on the country. Maybe "vultures" isn't the precise analogy, but I don't know of any animal that eats oil.
  11. wtf? This is the guy who left the refuge the day before the ambush.
  12. What do you all think of this bottle tower set up? It seems good to me for a small space.
  13. Don't be surprised. Look at how long the information took to reach us about the Clintons, and how it still continues to come out. After that, we still have yet another administration before we get to Obama. In an age where technology supposedly delivers us instant information, the wheels of some machines still continue to grind slowly.
  14. Thank you for posting this. This is the best, most articulate summary I have seen of the situation. And there was much I didn't know including that there was a Federal Terrorism Act of ... 1996!!! And your point about each of us asking ourselves what we can do ... yes, that's what we're doing, I think. Some of us don't own land, have weapons, mobility, etc. and have limited resources. But we each have something to bring to the table nonetheless. So it's figuring out just what that is and doing something about it.
  15. I'd like to see that, too.
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