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  1. I believe that the idiots thought: a) that they were unstoppable. b) a white man would never be brought back into control after Obozo. Wrong. We are back. Cry me a river. Back to correct the the previous error. error...reset...error...reset Libtard minds blown. Hell yes!
  2. Thanks! I'm all outta "likes", however, you certainly will get one! Looks like Shep's a fan too. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/7e/02/7a/7e027a804264e35958afefde25b5dcc5.jpg
  3. There is nothing better than to have a good guy with a gun in a moment where the bad guy seems to have the advantage.
  4. Chuck E. Cheese IS a Pedo! Omg https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100328093542AAvY6ho
  5. David Berkowitz reported that a dog spoke to him, channeling a 6,000-year-old man named Sam whom he sometimes identified with Sam Carr, a neighbor and dog owner. “He told me [to kill] through his dog, as he usually does,” David wrote. He worried that his condition would worsen. “I may, one day, evolve into a humanoid or demon in a more complete state,” he said. Three of four court-appointed psychiatrists didn’t hesitate; they found him unfit to stand trial. Nice doggie.
  6. Nice 😊. Good Job Sky Kit~teh!
  7. Anti Trump and BLM idiots got lucky after approaching a Floridian Tavern where a large number of U.S. Marines were celebrating a birthday. Slurs were exchanged however, the professionalism of the United States Marine Corps prevailed and no injuries were reported. So lucky that these little monkeys didn't get their neckties thoroughly buttered. Rah! Semper Fi https://www.marinecorpstimes.com/articles/marines-and-trump-protest-face-off
  8. LOL 😁. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_zENuDflPejY/S_X2OHiVm1I/AAAAAAAAEc0/ARfLz4Vf_fI/s640/mohammed+shits.JPG
  9. We are at peace with the Russians. Vladimir simply couldn't communicate with Obama. Now that President Trump will be in the oval office things should begin to go swimmingly. After all, both Putin and Trump are indeed adults and both are inspirational leaders. It's not Vladimir's fault that Obama couldn't speak for the United States and it's not Putin's fault that he never learned to speak 🐵 .
  10. http://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/transgender-8-year-old-walks-dallas-pride-parade-n650691 I shit you not!
  11. Here's a conspiracy right under your nose 👃. Globalists support self genitalia mutilation for the sole purpose of self sterilization. If a guy chooses to cut off his junk he isn't going to make Dad of the week. If a young lady decided it would be a neat idea to ingest testosterone and surgically remove her girly bits , well no visible visit from the stork there either. Youngsters as young as 8 years old are being groomed into this insanity. Check it out yourself. Home page: www.google.com
  12. She (Hillbillary) called Trump supporters (over 68%) deplorable? Wtf? How do you expect to govern a nation and have that kind of hatred and disrespect for? And at the same time, expect to be elected by the people that you have just insulted?
  13. Just another Chosenite that needs to STFU.
  14. Now I understand that she's blaming Comey of the FBI for her loss. DEMS can never take responsibility for their own actions.
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