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  1. No it's kinda hush hush today concerning the retaking of Mosul. There is something going down there for sure. Today!
  2. I suppose that would mean going out to Q'dobe for lunch is right out then. Oh boo!
  3. There was a buyout to be sure, or should I say, sellout. Remember, CT wasn't considered a threat to anyone including the msm up until the political climate changed when people started to ask how could the Clintons get away with so much crap! Well, there were other factors too but as people began to turn to alternative news sources, Elites needed to keep a grip on the spin of what was considered to be news and hang on to their directed narrative . Infiltration of alternative news sources was imperative to light the way for what would befall in the days to come.
  4. Modern Bible commentators view the "war in heaven" in Revelation 12:7–13 as an eschatological vision of the end of time or as a reference to spiritual warfare within the church, rather than (as in Milton's Paradise Lost) "the story of the origin of Satan/Lucifer as an angel who rebelled against God in primeval times. Some Christian commentators have seen the war in heaven as "not literal" but symbolic of events on earth, like a war in "the cloud"?
  5. well he was still okay at the end of the video. I was watching and waiting for a car to run him over or hear a gunshot as he meanders into the forest. A meteor hit would have been kewl. So how did he die? This wasn't that queer bear that laid his paw on the picnic table was it?
  6. My son works on the vacuum systems needed for the device to operate. Fascinating equipment.
  7. I know this is only amplitude modulation but you could throw one together for at least some information.http://www.circuitdiagram.org/images/crystal-radio-circuit-schematic-diagram.gif
  8. Yesterday in Cincinnati ... A chemical spill at an industrial cleaning company prompted West Chester, Ohio.
  9. My response time is 4 minutes.... .....oops! Did I just say that?
  10. Oh Noes! I left the water running in my new jacuzzi on Second life. Blue Pixels everywhere. What a mess.
  11. Technology is beyond old school thrusters nowadays. Space travel has become solid state. http://www.nationalpost.com/m/wp/news/world/blog.html?b=news.nationalpost.com/news/world/real-life-version-of-star-trek-impulse-engines-that-could-get-us-to-moon-in-4-hours-actually-works-scientists-say
  12. Poor thang! She was only trying to get ahead in life..
  13. http://www.thepoliticalinsider.com/presidential-debate-hillary-clinton-health-failed-again/ Was this the guy everyone thought was a victim of Arkanside?
  14. Hillary Clinton had a mysterious medical handler who disappeared at the end of the Summer. But now, the strange man was spotted again… This time, at the presidential debate along side Hillary Clinton. Dressed like a Secret Service agent, he clearly is not!
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