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  1. Snowflakes are protesting where I live in KC. Too bad I'm in Illinois on training. Wife is a little scared all alone back home. I assured her it would be ok. Keep the doors locked and if someone comes in point, pull and keep pulling until it stops making loud noises. Then reload.
  2. Per Killary, "At this point what difference does it make?" As far as I am concerned Jillian Asange and Wiki leaks are just attention Whores that need to fall off the face of this planet. IF they had "devastating info" and/or IF they actually gave a damn about saving our Republic, those spineless pussies would have released it already. On the last day of voting, there is no time to make any good use of information. IMHO, Assange can STFU. /rant Sorry for being pissy, it just burns my azz that people are so stupid/ underinformed that we could even get to this point.
  3. I pray you are right on this. I am not doubting, I am just waiting for someone to play the wild card between now and the election. I have a feeling we are going to get blindsided by something we couldn't have predicted.
  4. Hehe, I picked up an extra 500 rounds after work tonight. Wifey is headed to Sams club in the morning. Gonna top off my stock this weekend at the SHTF hideout.
  5. Just what can you do? Ive read your threads. They are interesting. I'm not trying to be a jerk, but really, what can you do?
  6. I say bring it. I always have at least 2 loaded and within arms reach. If I am going out, I plan on taking some of them with me. I am beyond fear now. I am just plain angry
  7. I vote for to hang them from a rope while they are standing tiptoeing on a bar stool with a missing leg. Hope they have good balance so the show lasts for awhile
  8. Seen it on twitter feed. Thought it was worth mentioning. Hope it's true and it's another nail in her coffin.🙏
  9. Law enforcement and national intelligence officials have suspended Hillary Clinton’s weekly intelligence briefings after further information regarding the Democratic nominee’s use of private emails has surfaced. According to sources familiar with the briefing process, senior officials notified the Clinton campaign on Sunday afternoon that several federal agencies “no longer believed it was either appropriate or prudent for a candidate to receive classified intelligence briefings while under a significant and ongoing investigation.” “While the FBI and Department of Justicecontinue their independent investigations and while the law enforcement community continues to search for answers, it would be unwise to continue national security briefings amidst a very serious investigation concerning threats to national security.” It is customary for the major party nominees to receive weekly classified intelligence briefings from senior defense and intelligence officials in order for the eventual president to be fully knowledgeable on matters of national security. Both Clinton and Donald Trump have received these briefings since their respective party conventions in June. On Friday, the Director of the FBI, James Comey, notified Congress that the Bureau was effectively reopening its investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server while Secretary of State. Comey wrote that new emails had surfaced that led investigators to warrant further examination. According to sources familiar with the investigation the newly-found emails were found on a device of Clinton’s personal aide Huma Abedin. Abedin is married to disgraced NY Congressman Anthony Wiener, and it is believed that the emails were discovered during an ongoing investigation into his sexting scandal. This latest revelation, including the suspension of weekly intelligence briefings, does not bode well for the former Secretary of State in the final days of a heated election. Donald Trump has seized on the news, and he is expected to continue to do so in the coming week.” http://christiantimesnewspaper.com/breaking-clintons-intelligence-briefings-suspended-indefinitely-following-latest-in-email-scandal/
  10. Looks like 0Hour1 is back, for now https://mobile.twitter.com/0HOUR1___
  11. I thought it might be a fun idea to play with this. What are your predictions on the upcoming election in differing scenarios as to what could take place. If we get some ideas, maybe in a few days we could start a poll and see just how good we are at foreseeing the future. I think most of us can agree that the Clinton/Obama/Globalist machine cannot allow Trump to become President because it will no doubt lead to their demise and imprisonment. Here are a few ideas on what I think could take place. All of them end with Obama suspending/postponing the election. 1. Hillary drops out, not enough time left to make a candidate change- Obama postpones election in "an attempt to make the election fair" 2. Hillary is arrested by FBI and then not enough time left to make a candidate change- Obama postpones election in "an attempt to make the election fair" 3. US/UN start war with Russia and Obama declares state of emergency thus suspending the election. 4. Large/wide spread terrorist attack in continental US- Obama declares state of emergency thus suspending election. 5. Hillary dies unexpectedly (/sarcasm) to close to the election now, not enough time left to make a candidate change- Obama postpones election in "an attempt to make the election fair" 6. ETC. OK Conspiracy theorists- lets hear what you got.
  12. I heard that too. All signs are pointing to Trump winning right now. That is what would be best for this country and its people. What worries me is, the Clinton/Obama gang probably know that if Trump wins, the "gig is up". Justice may well be coming for them and I for one believe that they will go full scorched earth to prevent themselves from being held accountable.
  13. I think with all the new information coming out, the FBI opening the case again, and the Clinton free fall in the polls, IF they are going to do something to stop this election so Obama can stay in power, it will be very soon. EYES wide open from here on out.
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