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  1. Last I read, the Government of Syria did not invite US military forces in to their nation. Syrian Government invited Russia in though.More than likely a CIA base of operations to aid ISIL/ISIS/Al-Qaeda terrorists still trying to overthrow the elected by the Syrian people Syrian government.
  2. Franklin never wanted to be President but he was a very important intricate part in the founding the USA and writing of the US Constitution and that is why he is the only non-President to ever show up on US currency.
  3. That's as bad a idea as the US mint tried back over 20 years ago when they tried to do the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin. The US currency should be reserved for US Presidents.....period!
  4. So only people that are educated as you like to spout, agree with you and who you are voting for? Typical Alinsky Marxist political shaming tactics are lame and worn out and most people are not buying that BS anymore...........lol
  5. Hmmmmm? Yea riiiiiight and his son-in-law is Jewish married to his daughter Ivanka for political convenience right? Trump just allowed that for political window dressing right?
  6. Looked like a pretty filled stadium at the AIPAC speech to me. Trump even got 2 standing ovations.
  7. The issue of satellite tracking of ISIS oil tankers is a ironic statement since even US Military officals have already went on record stating the US Intelligence fostered ISIS in to existence. Russian military knew exactly where those ISIS tanker trucks were and bombed the crap out of them. ISIS/ISIL/Al-Qaeda is and always has been a proxy for use in destabilizing and regime changing certain middle east nations such as the ones 4 star General joint chief of staff Wesley Clark stated that was told to him in 2003. US surveillance has always known where ISIS/ISIL/Al-Qaeda is and what they were doing since back in 1979 because the US Government has been aiding them throughout the middle east and Eurasia up till Russian landed in Syria in September 2015 and threw a giant monkey wrench in to the US Government's Neocon promoted foreign policy of regime change.
  8. Wooooo you scare me sooooooooo much...........Not. Still ZERO proof Iran is building or trying to build a nuclear weapon but it's a fact North Korea has and they now have submarine ballistic missile launching capability. Those are facts that have been proven. It's also a fact North Korea constantly threats to start a war with South Korea our ally and where thousands of US military personnel are stationed. It's hilarious as hell also that Iran has allied with Russia and Iraq to kick ISIS terrorist ass that the US Government through the US Government ally Saudi Arabia is giving material support to. So that in fact makes the US Government material supporters of "Terrorism"! P.S. I will address you any damn way I feel the need to but if you want to play I will play but I go textual Hannibal Lecture with facts and history when I play. Not wild "UNPROVEN" Bullshit that you only have the capability of spewing. Go ahead and push the Neocon foreign policy voodoo bullshit and I will fillet you sorry ass each and every time.........boy!
  9. The problem with your wild slanted view is that Iran is not nor ever has been trying to build a nuclear weapon.......Ever! North Korea has though and the actually built 1, 2, 3,4,5...........who knows how many of them and now North Korea has just tested a submarine launch ballistic missile. Guess what" North Korea often threatens to attack South Korea a ally of the USA and where thousands of US military personnel are stationed. But you are worried about something Iran has never been trying to even build? Really? Jeeeez! P.S. Question of why Iran would capture 2 US navy boats? Since so few US navy personnel involved it seems I would assume those were US Navy craft of a very small type and more than likely ventured in to "Iranian Waters". Of which I remember back during the Bush/Cheney administration they were trying to instigate a confrontation between Iran and the US Navy and would have used that confrontation to start bombing Iran. Looks like a little of the old Neocon BS going on again trying to instigate a confrontation with Iran, since Iran is instrumental is the fight against ISIS terrorists who happen to be financed and supplied by the US Government through our ally Saudi Arabia.
  10. That family needs to spend some $$$ to put up and maintain some large billboards on the side of the road of each highway coming in to that county spelling out what the State Patrol and that Sheriff's Dept did to their family. Shame the crap out of the state patrol and sheriff's dept. Never allowed them to live it down! Push it in their faces everyday!
  11. I am a comment sniper. I sneak in all silent, comment and then gone as silently as I came in. Got too many other things I like to do in life than sit on my buttocks commenting day in and day out
  12. Aaaah wait let's see here. The Ukraine has BUK anti-aircraft missiles too. Why do they? Because before the Soro's funded US State Dept backed color revolution coup, all Ukraine's weapons systems were Russian made, including their anti-aircraft missiles such as the BUK anti-aircraft missile system. To act like Ukraine govt does not have the BUK system is patently silly. By the way Sunpar why is it that the Ukraine had not stopped civilian airline flights over eastern Ukraine before that airline was shot down? It is a war zone and several Ukrainian military aircraft had already been shot down by the east Ukraine militia with their own BUK system. So why did the Ukraine govt not shut down the air space over east Ukraine to civilian air traffic? NBC is reeeeeeaaaaal reliable too right?.............HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NBC lies and spins facts as much as CNN and MSNBC. Some of you folks really need to read a Jane's Defense International weapons journal on what country has what weapons systems and when or you will keep getting fooled by US networks so-called news that lie to your face every day with a completely straight face.
  13. And your background in nuclear physics, aeronautical engineering, thermal dynamics, electronics & software engineering is? I get what I know on weapon systems and future weapons systems development from "Jane's Defense International". Where do you get your info? In all your statement you just made you neither disproved any of the documents( which are in to the thousands and doubt very many people at all have read even 5% of them yet) Snowden made or at any place state where your got your information on what US weapons systems that exists or may exist. I was reading back in 1979 in Jane's Defense International about kinetic energy and future space based chemical laser weapon systems. If you know anything about Jane's Defense International you would know it's a military weapons industry journal and they pretty much do not put out a bunch of BS just to entertain readers. By the way we(US military) has had laser guided weapons systems since back in Vietnam and Satellite guided weapons systems as early as the 1970's.(Where do you think the tech for GPS locators came from?) If you read any of the war articles of Gulf war 2 and the so-called war on terrorism you would know that your cell phone can be locked on to by a US weapons system and BOOM, you are gone. Several Afghan Taliban commanders were take out that way. The US military also has had cruise missiles that actually go out and look for their own targets also. That goes back to 1980's tech Back in Vietnam the Cobra attack chopper was being tested with it's laser guided missiles and machine gun. Hell the B-2 stealth bomber flying wing design was being tested back in 1949. John Northrop design. The present day B-2 stealth bomber is old tech because new top secret tech is not allowed to be shown to the public till they have something much better. If you take how fact computing has progressed just in the last 20 years that should tell you something about how far military tech has progressed because if you did not know this then you should and it's this. DOD funds most of the high tech research at MIT(you know the most prestigious technical college in the world) aside for DOD funding of DARPA. Basically you just wrote a bunch of I believe this and that and don't believe this or that. P.S. I will keep it simple here. If you think military tech does not exist just because "You" have not seen it then you live in another world not based in reality. DOD does not throw hundreds of billions a year in to top secret military hardware projects for nothing you know. You ought to check out Gridkeeper YouTube channel. There is some weird stuff orbiting up there that are not satellites or space stations.
  14. I bet they were scattering like coach roaches trying to get away from that. I bet they(ISIS mass murdering head chopping terrorists) don't have time to run around murdering Syrian Christians and blowing up Christian churches now since the Russian air force has been doing their thing. Orthodox Christians at that. Which in fact Putin accepted Orthodox Christianity himself so I am sure that is part of the reason he sent the Russian military in to start cleaning the infestation of terrorist murderers out. Christians have been in Syria since like just a few years after Christ A.D. Putin is not going to allow Christians to keep getting murdered there.
  15. UK does not grasp that the UK, USA and France are in the sky's of Sryia outside of International law because they were not invited in by the Sryian Government. Russia was invited and guess what if the UK starts acting like noobs and firing on Russian aircraft that are in the Sryian sky's clearly within International law, then Putin will give the order to turn on those S-300's and S-400's anti-aircraft systems. UK planes can get shot down too and in fact Russia believe it or not would be acting within International law to do so.
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