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  1. More like Mother's day at the Mormon farm. Complete confusion.
  2. So they didn't know the other was there. Uh huh.
  3. Answers a lot of questions eh? Drunks have zero judgement, as potus, she'd hit that button on a whim. God (or whoever) help the US if she moves back into the WH.
  4. http://www.thepoliticalinsider.com/hillary-drunk-in-the-afternoon/?utm_source=SailThru%26utm_newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=TPI Newsletter 10-28-16 Best of the Week&utm_term=New Friday Active Users Is that the problem with her?
  5. Adele reminds me of a character from Jilly Cooper novels, Dame Hermione Harefield. A very Rubenesque diva with a flair for drama and making bad choices. The first time you hear her you think "wow this lady can sing" And then you get really tired of the tedium of her lyrics and repetitiveness of her tone. Now I can add lack of critical thinking. She's just another stooge.
  6. The linked dailymail article made me laugh. They really said these multi million $ jets had a "near-miss" (oxymoron) because it was dark and they couldn't see each other. Yeah right. You're right though Iamawake, Russia will probably do just that and any NATO jets flying over will be seen as a direct threat to Russian personnel in the region. Kaboom!
  7. I'm sure the FBI will find he'd 'forgotten' he'd voted already. What does fbi stand for anyway? facebook intelligence?
  8. Russian, US Jets In "Near Miss" Over Syria
  9. Comment from the article Looks like that's why. But yeah good find CINN!!
  10. I can't wrap my mind around the level of engineering that goes into building an aircraft carrier. Wow. Anyways, the article is about NATO troops advancing on Russia's border, but Russia is the one war mongering? The MSM truly does believe their readership is all double digit IQ.
  11. As long as he's voting for shitlery he won't. Now if he bragged about voting multiple times for Trump, then yeah he'd go to prison.
  12. An outdoorsy couple lived near Anchorage. One morning, the wife said she was going kayaking in the bay. The husband told her to be careful. When she didn’t return that night, he called the authorities, who searched the bay. They next day, two state troopers appeared at his door. “We have some bad news for you, some good news, and some great news.” “What’s the bad news?” asked the husband, steeling himself. “Your wife drowned in the bay.” “What’s the good news?” he asked. “When we pulled her up, there were a dozen king crabs and 8 Dungeness crabs clinging to her.” “What’s the great news?” “We’re pulling her up again tomorrow!”
  13. Deutsche Bank demands £133BILLION slush fund from EU taxpayers According to German media, David Folkerts-Landau, Deutsche Bank's Chief Economist, said a €150bn (£133bn) pot of cash could be enough to recapitalise the banks. In a bizarre interview Mr Folkerts-Landau said "Europe is seriously ill" and demanded the EU look at bending new rules to avoid disaster.
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